For anyone who has ever imagined having a moveable feast in any part of their house or business, even outdoors, their imagination has become reality. Arrital's newest kitchen gives professional and home chefs alike the option of cooking wherever and whenever, opening up new possibilities for show cooking, catering, business meetings, cocktail parties and home entertaining.

mobile kitchen bench

Mobile Kitchen Bench was first considered as a project for innovative ambient marketing with the aim of transforming cooking into a tangible, captivating show. Arrital, whose factory and headquarters are located in the Friuli area of northeastern Italy, has been designing and producing innovative kitchens for over 35 years. Today Arrital's kitchens are available in over 30 countries worldwide.

Mobile Kitchen Bench was first designed by the creative director of Arrital Franco Driusso for the chef Andrea Berton who was looking for an innovative way to make his show cooking more mobile. It comes with a top available in a variety of measurements, storage space which can be personalized, a large Miele cooking range and, obviously, wheels which allow the kitchen to be easily moved from one location to another.

mobile kitchen bench

The entire kitchen is made with FenixNTM, a nanotech material which is extremely durable and elegant at the same time. When closed Mobile Kitchen Bench takes up a total space of only 150 cm, and when the top is opened for cooking its total space expands to 230 cm creating a larger working space.

“I'm very proud of this opportunity to work with Arrital,” remarked Berton on his collaboration in creating this new kitchen. “It has been a pleasure to work with a company that has the same professional ideals as I do. We are all focused on quality and professionalism. Thanks to the versatility of the Mobile Kitchen Bench I'll be able to create dishes outside of my kitchen, good motivation for me to share what I'm doing with others this new year.”