Easter 2024 by Giraudi

There are many proposals that artisan Giacomo Boidi and his son Davide of Giraudi chocolate shop in Castellazzo Bormida are preparing for Easter 2024.

Artificial intelligence and food make a debut in the catalog, used to place the brand’s products in extremely imaginative scenarios, capable of juxtaposing matter and ephemeral, reality and illusion, in perfect harmony.

A World of Chocolate Easter Eggs from Giraudi

Innovation is the common thread that distinguishes all the Chocolate Easter Eggs, starting with the Giraudi Limited Edition “Lunar,” an egg of velvety 61% dark chocolate enriched with toasted trilobed hazelnuts covered with praline cream.

New additions to the Decorated Eggs include the version with Dried Fruit, in which candied lemon, almonds and pistachios from Sicily are hand-set into the 61% dark chocolate eggs; the proposal with Pistachio Grain, in which dried fruit of Sicilian origin covers two layers of 36% milk and white pistachio chocolate; and the Double Layer, in which a dark shell hides a layer of soft cream with toasted hazelnut grains.

Among the Egg Inclusioni, the White and Pistachio versions are joined by many new features: from Dark and Grue with Mirabel 70% chocolate from the Dominican Republic to the innovative combination of Yogurt chocolate and dehydrated strawberry, to the Milk and Peanut versions with wood-roasted Italian peanuts and Milk and Caramel with salted caramel crisp.

The C’era un… egg, on the other hand, is a combination of two different halves of chocolate – milk and dark – a proposal designed for young and old alike.

Giraudi’s other products also include the Honeycomb, a hand-decorated egg reminiscent of the petals of a flower, containing two small chocolate bees; Messages from the Heart, hand-decorated chocolate hearts filled with raspberry, cremino or croccantino; 50g Eggs, offered in assorted gift boxes but also in small boxes; and, finally, Almond and Hazelnut eggs and Chocolate Little Animals.


Easter 2024 by Giraudi

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