Compositional versatility of kitchen systems

The person at the centre: this is Euromobil’s design idea for the creation of its kitchen systems, integrated and integrable with each other, industrialised but at the same time truly tailor-made elements.

The kitchen, an area of primary importance within the domestic project, is in fact treated just like an architectural structure, offering the consumer maximum customisation by mixing elements from different systems.

Euromobil kitchen systems thus become timeless, able to transform and update over time, boasting quality materials, high modularity and multiform design.

The Beauty of Creating Kitchen Systems

Versatile and flexible projects, able to make the most of the heart of the home, the place where food is prepared and eaten, but also the place of conviviality where time and days are shared together, the kitchen a space that is in continuous evolution, both from the point of view of the project and from the social and technological innovation point of view.

For Euromobil, design is an attitude and develops its products with the aim of improving the quality of life and time spent in the kitchen. Great attention is dedicated to the theme of storage through exclusive solutions: design that generates space. Proposals that make it possible to create ‘rooms within rooms’ to create storage volumes that meet any requirement.

It is possible to “dress up” the kitchen according to the expressiveness of the materials and finishes chosen, without distorting the volumes. The linear and essential aesthetic language of the compositions is aimed at a clientele that loves elegance and seeks design solutions through an atmosphere of exciting architecture.

Telero, Antis, Lain, SEI, Filò, Free Steel are the six very different models by Euromobil, which offer multiple design possibilities by playing with materials: wood, glass, stoneware, Fenix, in different colour shades. To these are added storage solutions such as Kabin Space, Corner box, boiserie, fixed and mobile snack tables, accessories and bookcases.

Six models for 221 finishes, numbers that express the concept of flexibility “tending towards infinity.” Liveability and customisation are become the cornerstones of possibilities thanks to design and formal solutions, which can also be combined, to suit any budget, space requirement, aesthetic code and can create the right atmosphere for every occasion.

Compositional versatility of kitchen systems

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