6 Limited Edition Pizzas as a Tribute to Brescia Capital of Culture

A Brescian not by birth but certainly by adoption, pizzaiolo Antonio Pappalardo is preparing for the year when Brescia, along with Bergamo, will be the Italian Capital of Culture through the launch of 6 Limited Edition pizzas.

In fact, for the whole of next year both La Cascina dei Sapori in Rezzato and Inedito in Brescia, recently awarded Gambero Rosso’s Tre Spicchi, will host the “Brescia Capitale – Pizza, Culture and Territory” format. Pizza and local producers will be, in Antonio’s home, the vehicle and voice for Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

“Brescia Capitale”: 6 pizzas, 6 monuments, local products and wines of the territory

Originality, innovation, taste and territory enrich this format conceived by Antonio. Every two months, in fact, an off-the-menu pizza will be made that will represent, from time to time, a love story that Antonio dedicates to his city and the entire province.

Each pizza, also through its imaginative name, which Antonio will attribute to each one, will represent a monument or a focal point of the city of Brescia: it will therefore be an opportunity for diners to discover something more about the Capital of Culture 2023, especially since each pizza will be accompanied by a flyer made ad hoc, which will tell in detail curiosities and details of the point of the chosen itinerary.

The monuments that will name Antonio’s pizzas are the Brescia Castle, the Capitolium, the Santa Giulia Museum, the Teatro Grande, Piazza Duomo, and the Clock Tower in Piazza Loggia. All of these pizzas celebrate the city: strengthened by Antonio Pappalardo’s doughs, they will pay tribute to the territory thanks to the topping made each time with local products chosen from suppliers in the area, such as the small dairy Il Bagnolo, the Soardi fishmonger’s in Montisola, Bagoss from Alimentari da Nello, vegetables from Armonia Verde and many others.

The preview: the December 2022 four-hands pizza with Stefano Baiocco

The initiative will be preceded by an exclusive preview, an exclusive special made by two-Michelin-starred chef Stefano Baiocco of Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano (BS).

Named Vittoria Alata or Winged Victory-the first-century AD bronze statue preserved at the Capitolium-will be presented for a month, from December the 8th to January the 8th: Pizza tonda with Lake Iseo whitefish, puntarelle and Montisola sardine butter. Both whitefish and sardines are from the Soardi fishmonger, while the puntarelle are from Armonia Verde.

For all the pizzas, not only local products, but also local wines will also be available to make the ideal pairings – chosen from the best wineries in the area, capable of giving the best expression with their work to Brescian viticulture. For the Vittoria Alata round pizza, the pairing will be Videt Riesling Renano 2018 Concarena (6 euros).

The calendar

Vittoria Alata – from December 8 to January 8

Brescia Castle – from January 15 to February 28

Capitolium – from March 15 to April 30

Santa Giulia Museum – from May 10 to June 30

Teatro Grande – from July 10 to August 31

Piazza Duomo – from September 10 to October 31

Clock Tower – from November 10 to December 31  

La Cascina dei Sapori  


6 Limited Edition Pizzas as a Tribute to Brescia Capital of Culture

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