Aldo Rossi’s icons reissued by Unifor

On the occasion of Pesaro Capitale della Cultura 2024, UniFor supports the exhibition Oggetti – Architetture fuori dal tempo. Aldo Rossi e UniFor, which takes place from May 24th to July 25th at the Forum Della Chiara Workspaces.

In 2021, with the ARCHIVIOUNIFOR collection, UniFor reissued four iconic pieces designed by Aldo Rossi between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Strengthening the long-standing bond between the Molteni Group and the Master, today through the Fondazione Aldo Rossi, these object-architectures, as Rossi defined them, reaffirm their ability to position themselves outside of
time and the dictates of fashion. Symbolic of the close relationship between design and architecture, these pieces tell stories of domestic offices, museums, theatres, palaces, and even hotels.

With their leaps in scale, games, and references, both lyrical and poetic, Parigi, Cartesio, Consiglio, and Museo are also the result of synergy between designer and company. As Rossi recalled in his blue notebooks referring to UniFor and Molteni&C: “Our furniture, at least mine, would remain pure fantasy without their technique. But fantasy and technique are an inseparable duo, and often one supports the other.”

Inside the Della Chiara showroom, the objects designed by Rossi for UniFor and Molteni&C delineate a new urban imagery once again made of leaps in scale, memories, games of proportions, and visions. Evoking the installations designed by Ron Gilad for the UniFor showrooms in Corso Matteotti in Milan and Rue des Saints Pères in Paris, the Cartesio bookcases, Consiglio tables, Museo chairs, Parigi armchairs, Carteggio secretaries – designed for Molteni&C in 1987 -, along with a scaled-down version of the Cabina dell’Elba and a reinterpretation of the Segrate Partisans Monument, construct a bizarre, disorienting, and psychological urban landscape.

On this occasion, a portion of the historical archives of the Molteni Group is also opened to the public, displaying, in this venue, the reproduction of a selection of drawings and historical materials related to the work conducted by the brand alongside Aldo Rossi.

Enhancing the narrative is the screening of the documentary Aldo Rossi Design, produced by Muse Factory of Projects with direction by Francesca Molteni and Mattia Colombo. A collaborative narrative, realised in conjunction with the Fondazione Aldo Rossi and the support by the Molteni Group, which traverses drawings, projects, prototypes, and objects presented in the exhibition Aldo
Rossi Design. 1960-1997 at the Museo del Novecento in Milan.

About UniFor

The commitment to architecture and manufacturing know-how are the founding principles of UniFor’s business strategies. The company’s main interlocutors have always been the architects who design its products and the buildings and environments that contain them.

Since 1969, the profound collaborative relationships that have accompanied every stage of the design and production process, facilitated by constant dialogue, have resulted in series products and custom furnishings capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of contemporary office environments.

UniFor develops furnishing systems that aim to interpret, through simple solutions, the complexity of the workplace.


About Molteni Group

Molteni is the leading independent industrial group in the high-end furniture sector with an Italian-made production. As well as the collaboration with the most prestigious international architectural firms and designers, the Group adheres to a constant investment in research and technological innovation, to give its products an intrinsic quality that lasts over time. It includes three brands, Molteni&C (indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchens and bespoke furnishings), UniFor (workspace solutions) and Citterio (partition walls and office furniture).

Founded in 1934 as an artisan workshop by Angelo and Giuseppina Molteni, in the 50s the company mutates its DNA and inaugurates the successful era of industrial design. Molteni Group has been working on the enhancement of the Gio Ponti archive since 2012, inaugurating the Molteni Museum in 2015. In 2022 the Group completed a major enlargement of the Compound, opening the Molteni Pavilion.

Today Molteni Group is present in over 100 countries, with more than 700 stores, 90 monobrand Flagship Stores, 1207 employees, 5 production sites and 12 commercial branches in 5 continents.

Aldo Rossi’s icons reissued by Unifor

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