The 100 best restaurants in Italy according to Yelp

Yelp‘s rating of the one hundred best places to eat in Italy has arrived, and the top ten spots belong to the cities of Naples, Rome and Florence. The San Francisco based company, which was founded in 2004, bases its ratings on the reviews of Yelpers, who contributed more than 95 million reviews this past year alone. With over 135 million visitors to its site each month, Yelp is a direct competitor of TripAdvisor. Using the reviews of Yelpers, both local and international, the site was able to collect the names and rankings of the top restaurants in the country.


In first place is Naple’s historical pizzeria L’Antica Pizzeria – Da Michele open since 1906 and is followed in second place by another Neapolitan eatery Sorbillo. The third place spot moved north to Mercato Centrale located in Florence – a restaurant specializing in the best of Tuscan cuisine.

The fourth place ranking went to Open Baladin in the country’s capital of Rome – an eatery also known for its vast variety of beers. The rest of the top ten can be found again in the beloved city of Florence. Surprisingly, Italy’s northern metropolis, Milan, did not place in the top ten.


The reviews of our users, who enjoy discovering new places and businesses, are the best way to find local gems,” declared Kristin Grancaric, head of Yelp in Italy. “Our list of Top 100 in fact confirms that quality restaurants aren’t the prerogative of exclusively luxury locales but are really within everyone’s means if you know where to go.”

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  1. L’Antica Pizzeria – Da Michele, Napoli 
  2. Sorbillo, Napoli
  3. Mercato Centrale, Firenze
  4. Open Baladin, Roma
  5. All’Antico Vinaio, Firenze
  6. Le Vespe Café, Firenze
  7. Johnny Bruschetta, Firenze
  8. Pasticceria Giorgio, Firenze
  9. Dolce Lab, Firenze
  10. I Due Fratellini, Firenze
  11. Poporoya, Milan
  12. The Diner, Florence
  13. Dim Sum, Florence
  14. Burger Wave, Milan
  15. Di Matteo, Naples
  16. Birdy’s Bakery, Naples
  17. Oasi Giapponese, Milan
  18. 50 Kalò, Naples
  19. Porto Fluviale, Rome
  20. Mizzica, Rome
  21. Spontini, Milan
  22. Da Oliva Concettina ai Tre Santi, Naples
  23. Starita, Naples
  24. Bonci, Rome
  25. Studioburger, Naples
  26. That’s Bakery, Milan
  27. Toasteria Mi Casa, Milan
  28. Gelateria Dei Neri, Florence
  29. Eby’s Latin, Florence
  30. Ditta Artigianale, Florence
  31. Iyo Iyo, Florence
  32. Arà, Florence
  33. Bir & Fud, Rome
  34. La Prosciutteria, Florence
  35. Hang Zhou, Rome
  36. Madame, Florence
  37. Bistrot Mediterraneo, Naples
  38. Eataly, Turin
  39. I’Tosto, Florence
  40. Mekong, Rome
  41. Pizzeria Salvo, San Giorgo A Crimano
  42. Frigidarium, Rome
  43. Momart Café, Rome
  44. Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Naples
  45. Ai Tre Scalini, Rome
  46. Warsa, Milan
  47. Trattoria Da Tito, Florence
  48. Said, Rome
  49. California Bakery, Milan
  50. Alla Fontana, Milan
  51. Filetti di Baccalà, Rome
  52. Tandem, Naples
  53. Al Mercato, Milan
  54. Banki Ramen, Florence
  55. Sushisen, Rome
  56. Gesto, Florence
  57. Libreria Brac, Florence
  58. Pizzeria Pellone, Naples
  59. Il Santo Bevitore, Florence
  60. Temakinho, Milan
  61. Il Panino Tondo, Florence
  62. Pizza AM, Milan
  63. De Francesco, Rome
  64. Dolce, Rome
  65. Antico Forno Attanasio, Naples
  66. Librerie Feltrinelli, Naples
  67. Duecento Gradi, Rome
  68. Ai Marmi, Rome
  69. Felice a Testaccio, Rome
  70. Osaka, Milan
  71. Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence
  72. Zà Zà, Florence
  73. The Perfect Bun, Rome
  74. Kalapà, Rome
  75. Milagros Gastrobar, Naples
  76. La Giostra, Florence
  77. Aji Tei, Florence
  78. Doppio Zero -00, Rome
  79. Kome, Florence
  80. Herr Daniel, Naples
  81. Haveli, Florence
  82. Etablì, Rome
  83. Na Cosetta, Rome
  84. Carmen, Florence
  85. Cioccolati Italiani, Milan
  86. Piccola Ischia, Milan
  87. Lacerba, Milan
  88. Amblè, Florence
  89. Il Vero Bar del Professore, Naples
  90. 100 Montaditos, Rome
  91. Da Oscar, Milan
  92. Grandma Bistrot, Rome
  93. Accà Ristoaperitivo, Florence
  94. 200 Hamburger & Delicious, Milan
  95. La Notizia 53, Naples
  96. Deliburger, Florence
  97. Rari, Florence
  98. Forno Campo De’ Fiori, Rome
  99. Yagura, Florence
  100. Osteria Del Binari, Milan


Translated by -Liana Bicchieri

The 100 best restaurants in Italy according to Yelp

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