A Refuge of Sensual Aesthetics by Cattelan Italia

A home environment that conveys balance and tranquility while at the same time new energy and stimulation: the 2022 collection of furnishings by Cattelan Italia aims to create a comfortable refuge in which to rediscover one’s emotional well-being, shedding the stress accumulated during the day.

The Cattelan Italia collection makes use of a mix of soft, sensual shapes and contrasting incisive geometric elements: each piece of furniture is emphasized by decorative details that blend into the design with extreme delicacy.

The absence of excess leaves room to delve into the role of natural materials and hand-crafted finishes. Large surfaces allow appreciation of the natural grain of fine woods and marble-effect ceramics, now established as an original aesthetic element of the brand.

The furnishing elements of the 2022 collection embrace numerous pieces of furniture and rooms in the home, from the ever-present sculptural tables for the dining room to numerous upholstered seating proposals, from wooden sideboards to decorative accessories such as lamp compositions, mirrors and soft rugs.

Among the new proposals for top finishes, two variants of colored Marmi ceramics stand out: the delicate and elegant Corcovado ceramic, which ranges between earthy tones with a powdery base; and the more intense Kaindy ceramic, which features fluid iridescent streaks with variations of green, blue and gray.

The range of glass tops also develops with several new features, such as the new CrystalMarble decorative art prints and the Moonglass bronze glass top with an irregular, shiny surface. Finally, among the metals, the new Pearl finish, intended for the legs of the seats and tables, makes the furniture bright and ethereal.

Atrium design Paolo Cattelan and Lorenzo Remedi

Cattelan Italia’s disruptive design vision continues its aesthetic evolution with the Atrium family of tables, offered in versions with wood or ceramic tops. Through this unprecedented proposal with a strong sculptural character, the brand creates a family of dining tables with a majestic and intriguing allure.

What makes Atrium a unique and precious model is the base, formed by two finely crafted glass plates. The smoked couture mirrored crystal is shaped using an unprecedented technique, which allows the surface to be given a three-dimensional effect, like quilting on fabric. A play of soft reflections is thus created, in which the ambient light sources reverberate.

Once again, the Cattelan Italia table becomes the protagonist of the living area, imposing a bold and elegant aesthetic that is not afraid to draw attention to itself. Thus around the dining table is built a complete range of refined furniture devoted to comfort.

The Atrium family is offered in the Atrium Wood version with a wooden top, in the many woods and shapes available, or with an Atrium Keramik and Atrium Keramik Premium ceramic top, the latter framed by a rounded edge in a hand-brushed Brushed finish.

Round versions in all finishes complete the family, also available with the scenic Premium edge or with a Ker-Wood hybrid top. Also unmissable is the Atrium Keramik Consolle version with top in a choice of numerous shades of fascinating marble-effect ceramic.

Costes design Tosca Design

The Costes sideboard, conceived by Tosca Design studio for Cattelan Italia, is rich in details and at the same time reproduces a dry and clean aesthetic. The curved sides in transparent glass are interspersed with vertical metal inserts, which give rhythm to the composition, allowing a glimpse of the interior crystal shelves.

In addition, the sideboard can be illuminated inside by LED lights, enhancing its precious details and carefully and precisely shaped materials. But the real detail that makes it stand out are the refined feet, composed of two Y-shaped metal elements that rest gracefully on the floor.

The wooden doors are made with diagonal slats that highlight the fascinating natural grain of the wood, available in Canaletto walnut or burnt oak. The Costes sideboard comes in a tall 2-door version and a lower 3-door version to fit naturally into any space in the home, as well as in a TV cabinet version. The style is refined yet balanced, the result of the meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes Italian manufacturing.

The smoked crystal interior shelves are meant to guard and at the same time enhance the most precious objects stored inside this seductive sideboard.

Mariel design Paolo Cattelan

The comfort and charm that only an elegant upholstered chair like Mariel can provide a home. The enveloping backrest supports the entire back, with soft padding and high-quality leather or fabric upholstery, selected and crafted by skilled artisans.

The seat is wide and comfortable, while the frame catches the eye of an eye that can discern the quality of handcrafted materials and production techniques. This wrap-around seat is produced in two variants: Mariel with fine wood legs, and Mariel ML with metal legs, which is lighter and more manageable.

The tailoring on the backrest highlights some seams which, with a clever illusionary play, are intended to redesign the wide silhouette by lightening it. The result is an enveloping shell that accommodates the human figure with harmony.

Nahun design Studio Kronos

This composition of hanging lamps is that detail that can join together the individual elements in a home and transform them into a coordinated and fluid environment.

The intersecting arcs in mid-air create geometric sections that are reassuring in their mathematical precision. Placing lamps of different sizes and heights side by side creates overlaps that enhance the contrasts between the horizontal planes of tables, side tables, and sideboards, and the vertical, curved lines of this modern, minimalist lamp.

A strip of LED light is positioned along the entire outer edge, diffusing a soft, distributed light. At the ends of the structure, two discreet brass dowels are placed, among the few decorative elements, with a minimalist style but capable of capturing attention.


A Refuge of Sensual Aesthetics by Cattelan Italia

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