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The Majestic Mountain Home of Italian Pinot Noir

The identity of the Val di Cembra enclosed in a glass: Pinot Noir Vigna Saosent di Cembra Cantina di Montagna encloses all of the...


Absolute black

Glamorous black design and cutting-edge technology for the W Collection Black Fiber oven by Whirlpool. A warm satin finish with a soft texture and glamorous...

Travel & Taste

Aeon: Beyond Boundaries

Escape the ordinary in Italy's stunning southern Tyrol at Hotel Aeon.


The Perfect Business Card

Social media and the constant and intrusive use of cell phones have undoubtedly contributed to transforming the way people get to know each other...


Corte Gardoni: An Exclusive Experience in the Vineyard

Wine lovers can now experience more than just a tour of a wine cellar or a walk through the vineyards, with an event dedicated...


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