The Acoustic Comfort of Silence in the Kitchen with Hoods NRS


The innovative Noise Reduction System technology, developed by Falmec, celebrates its tenth anniversary by increasing its range of Silence NRS hoods, an extraordinary system that has made it possible to design extremely silent extractor hoods, bringing considerable benefits in terms of acoustic comfort to live in the kitchen.

The noise level of solutions equipped with this technology is almost imperceptible – up to -86% sound power  thanks to in-depth research on the optimisation of air flows and the use of sound-absorbing materials conducted by Falmec in collaboration with the University of Padua and laboratories specialising in fluid dynamics.

To celebrate this important milestone, the company has decided to expand the Silence NRS range by extending the technology to new models that make it possible to cook, talk, and experience the kitchen at its best, without the typical noise of a hood interfering.

Hoods Available

The models, now also available in the Silence NRS version, are Lumen Isola 175, Lumen, Plane Black and Virgola, all with an attractive design and maximum efficiency and silence.


With its structure made of AISI 304 steel, Lumen Isola 175 NRS is a hood that does not go unnoticed thanks to its imposing dimensions and the LED strips positioned on both long sides of the hood that illuminate the worktop to the fullest while providing pleasant ambient light. The suction in this solution is along its perimeter while the power is regulated via an electronic control panel on the front.

The “little sister” of the spectacular Lumen Isola 175 NRS, the Lumen NRS fits into smaller kitchen spaces and is available as a wall-mounted or island hood, both in 90 cm sizes.

With its bold noir allure, Plane Black NRS enhances the kitchen environment, especially when combined with light or chrome finishes. Wall-mounted, in 90 cm sizes, Plane Black NRS is equipped with a 3-speed + boost electronic control panel, an effective LED lighting system and a powerful 800 m3 /h motor.

Finally, Virgola NRS, a built-in model that integrates perfectly into the kitchen by “disappearinginto the wall unit, equipped with an efficient motor with a flow rate of 800m3/h, a 4-speed electronic control unit and dynamic LED lighting (Dynamic LED Light) to balance the various colour temperatures of the light and achieve the desired atmosphere.

The Acoustic Comfort of Silence in the Kitchen with Hoods NRS

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