Alessandro Circello

Expert on cooking for healthy living and a spokesman for chefs as promoters of good health, Alessandro has been involved with numerous initiatives and campaigns aimed at affirming the value of health and nutrition at the table. Opinion leader and food expert, Alessandro says, “The future of cooking will be based on functional nutritional strategies and how food influences the human body.” He currently appears on two Italian food programs: Buongiorno Benessere, where he creates recipes aimed at the principles of nutraceuticals, a show airing on the national channel Rai1 at 11:00 every Saturday; and the classic I Fatti Vostri, weekdays on Rai2. Amongst his other accomplishmentsare: designing the menus at Luiss restaurants in Rome and managing the restaurant Esposizioni located inside the Museo delle Esposizioni. Circello is also a Unicef Testimonial for United Against Malnutrition.