Aquadomestic: The Futuristic Vita Gessi™

With a unique and eye-catching design, Vita Gessi™ is the first digital dispenser with an innovative multifunctional program that contributes to the reduction of plastic use and water and energy savings.

Vita Gessi™ Digital Kitchen

Seeking new forms of expression since its founding 30 years ago, GESSI is about to surprise once again with proposals that will leave their mark on the market such as the futuristic Vita Gessi™ digital multifunction kitchen system.

GESSI also innovates in the kitchen, the heart of the living space, where the objects that are part of it, being companions of life, must be functional but beautiful and with attention to detail, to give us the well-being we need to live.

The Aquadomestic With a Green Soul

Indeed, the brand is launching what has been dubbed the “aquadomestic.” With a unique and eye-catching design, Vita Gessi™ is the first dispenser with an innovative multifunctional program and refined ergonomics in order to make the user experience highly usable.

In line with the green GESSI WELLNESS for NATURE philosophy, Vita Gessi™ contributes to reducing the use of plastic and saving water and energy, with special attention also paid to the product’s life cycle through the sustainable management of the consumables that enable its operation.

With built-in digital-function technology components that can also be operated by using an app and voice command, it provides still and sparkling, cold and hot water, with different levels of customization and the ability to store up to 24 presets, from teacup to baby bottle, to water bottle.


The futuristic Vita Gessi™ multifunctional digital kitchen system recently won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023,one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions since 1954, in the Product/Cooking Design category. One of 2,104 outstanding products and projects awarded, selected from nearly 11,000 entries from 56 countries by a group of 133 independent, international, and diverse design experts in a two-stage jury process.

“With an innovative multifunctional configuration and refined ergonomics, Vita Gessi was created to produce on-demand filtered water from room temperature, cold, sparkling, or hot (100°). It allows different levels of customization, perfect for home or office use. It allows intuitive and direct control of different features, thanks to the monitor integrated into the mixer. It also allows independent installation of two separate units, for hot and cold water. Both design and functionality are patent pending. It is the first kitchen mixer with an innovative digital and user-friendly interface,” was the motivation of the jury.


Aquadomestic: The Futuristic Vita Gessi™

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