Synthesis of Modern Aesthetics and Traditions : Luce by ARAN Cucine

The result of a collaboration with Marco Piva, Luce is not only the new kitchen from ARAN Cucine but a transformative journey that starts from architecture and goes all the way down to design detail, converting domestic spaces into true life stories, blending the essence of traditional Italian tailoring with the latest design trends.

The majestic paneling is an element that not only adds a touch of sophistication to the room, but also serves as an artistic backdrop, creating a sense of cohesion and visual harmony. The recessed perimeter lights, with their soft, dramatic lighting, further enhance the decorative and functional elements of the kitchen, providing a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

At the center of the project is an element that has always been dominant in Studio Marco Piva’s way of designing: light. In ARAN Cucine‘s new proposal, the search for materials and refinement in craftsmanship conceal a special attention to detail: from the wall-illuminated wine cellar, framed at the sides by open, luminous storage units, to the unique open glass compartment of the central island, enriched by a grazing light that gives lightness and modernity to the whole.

LED lights recessed between the panels add a dynamic and contemporary touch, allowing remote control of light intensity to adapt the space to different needs and occasions.

Luce by ARAN Kitchens is the perfect blend of architecture and design, comfort and functionality. With its “light of its own,” intended to captivate both those who use it and those who have the privilege of admiring it, this kitchen offers a unique culinary and convivial experience.

Each element of Luce was carefully studied and designed by ARAN Cucine together with Marco Piva to offer a perfect balance between form and function. From the architecture to the arrangement of the elements, every detail is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort in the environment.

But what makes this kitchen truly special is its ability to create an incomparable atmosphere through light. Thanks to the clever use of integrated lighting and innovative technologies, Luce by ARAN Cucine transforms the space into a welcoming environment full of personality and is presented by the brand at Eurocucina 2024 (Hall O2 | Stand A01 B01).

ARAN Cucine

Synthesis of Modern Aesthetics and Traditions : Luce by ARAN Cucine

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