Arrital Feeling Home: Where Hybrid Living Goes Beyond the Kitchen

Create a home where the living area becomes a canvas for sharing and expressing the personality of the space itself and of those who live there – a concept that goes beyond envisioning the kitchen as the heart of the home to open up a hybrid living space.  

Arrital designs and portrays open living spaces beyond the kitchen, with the user and life taking centre stage. A new array of functions, work and relationships embedded in a hybrid setting, with the kitchen as a theatre that is the design and the excitement in a dynamic habitat.

Feeling Home: A Dynamic Habitat

Designed by Franco Driusso, Feeling Home is organic, personalised and flexible, conceived with the view of transforming space into quality, well-being and pleasure – a concept that is expressed via the flexibility and broad applicability of k_Lounge, where storage modularity has been augmented with a specific focus on the living area, and where technology and function are integrated in balance with the design and material, offering an elegant, harmonious open environment.

With Feeling Home, Arrital provides an additional wide-ranging collection of Complements, whose novelties come as an addition to the series of living pieces already in existence in the many Arrital kitchen systems, including the Gem display cabinets, Vertical bookcase, Strato boiserieShangai open living pieces and the vertical Ak_Winery rack.

Arrital: Pieces for Engaging Spaces

The most prominent of the new features includes a Pass System input module. Equipped with an optional handle, this can be positioned between furniture columns or a boiserie, allowing for separation and access to different rooms – a refined, punctuated link in a dynamic habitat of conviviality. 

The Planar and Free panels are also a new arrival. Their modules of varying sizes secured to the wall with a concealed system become elegant furnishing surfaces, as do the TV holder Display panel with grommets and warmly-lit perimeter LED backlighting system. 

A new Plank worktop, practical Basket in non-toxic technical fabric, Lympha hanging lamp, which can be customised using the kitchen finishes and includes dual lighting operation, and new Mirror System collection of mirrors, complete the Complements range.

The collection further introduces a Table & Chairs series where the Loft coffee table decidedly stands out – with a variety of sizes and heights, they can be used individually or placed side by side in single-colour solutions or in two different finishes – the Nice table (a laminate variant of the Toah table) and the super-strong Logic chair, with its wrap-around shape that is stackable up to seven items high.

The range of tables and chairs by Arrital also includes a variety of other models available in the catalogue.

Through the designs of this new domestic architecture, pieces, forms, and materials enhance the essence of the environment, transforming it into a dynamic design where the furniture unites seamlessly within the kitchen, evoking elegant, engaging atmospheres.


Arrital Feeling Home: Where Hybrid Living Goes Beyond the Kitchen

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