The Artistic Harmony of Nube: A Symphony of Design

Under the guidance of architect Fabio Fantolino, the brand’s new art director, Nube refines its style with a shift to cultured living, in a continuity between memory and present, comfort and uniqueness.

Upholstered furniture, armchairs, tables, and coffee tables are no longer just objects, but interact with each other – a guiding philosophy that is the undercurrent of the newest collection, as the dynamic past returns to shape Nube’s creative presentThe brand of Italian design that was established in 1958 in the Milanese hinterland of Brianza, is known for its contemporary interpretations and its careful attention to the art of creating styled pieces detail by detail.  

The dialogue between shapes, materials, surfaces and colors narrates an idea of beauty made up of design harmony, balanced features and unique workmanship of the manufacturing tradition. Thus, the detail of “savoir-faire” becomes the unmistakable stylistic feature of a new elegance, as sophisticated as it is relaxed.

Bearing witness to this are the 2023 previews designed by Fantolino himself: from the Lito and Ottavio tables to the Dolmen and Bold sofas.

Ottavio Nube Table

A lightness sculpted in rigorous, yet dynamic wooden volumes: the Ottavio table, a pivotal element of the domestic hearth, becomes the fulcrum around which the pleasure of contemporary living revolves, in a combination of family intimacy and relaxed sociality. Square or rectangular, it is available in many lacquer, Canaletto walnut, oak or black ash finishes.

Nube Lito Table

Catching the eye in the Lithium table is the base: sculptural, almost archaic, it conveys a new solemnity to the complement. Able to transcend fashions and define with character a conviviality emphasized in detail. The top is in Canaletto walnut, natural oak or black-stained ash, and the legs are lacquered in many different colors.

In the round version, Lito emphasizes its convivial character. The diameter frames scenes of contemporary life: cozy and comfortable for a dinner with friends, discreet and enveloping for an informal gathering.

Bold Nube Sofa

Soft forms, sinuous curves, and a muffled welcome that smacks of coziness: the Bold sofa chooses the evergreen vocabulary of interior design. And it becomes an explicit invitation to sit back and let its shapely volumes embrace and comfort. Bold is available in fabric, leather or suede, with coordinating armchairs.

Dolmen Nube Sofa

Architectural appearance defines its essential style. Dolmen seduces by degrees and winks at composed relaxation. The austerity of the past is softened in the rounded corners and warm, reassuring tones that warm the atmosphere without losing its classic allure, while feet in Canaletto walnut or black painted ash add a modern touch.


The Artistic Harmony of Nube: A Symphony of Design

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