Bentley Home Opens Its First Atelier in Milan

Bentley Home opens its first Atelier in Corso Venezia 36 in Milan, one of the most elegant and prestigious streets of the Milanese capital.

The New Bentley Home Milan

The colonnaded courtyard with its fascinating cross vaults and monumental staircase of the historic Palazzo Chiesa, designed at the end of the 19th century, introduce an extremely contemporary space of more than 500 square meters.

The contrast between the neoclassical architecture of the building and the bold ambience of the Atelier is accentuated by the use of key elements such as stone, mirror, and leather, which set the stage for the furnishings of the Bentley Home collection.

The Bentley Home Milan Atelier’s central space is traversed by unexpected cuts of light and reflections, which radiate from large windows onto the collection’s furnishings via a wall completely framed by mirrors. On one side the view of Milan’s skyline, modern and technological, on the other the inner courtyard where nature and history are protagonists. The result is a continuum of multisensory experiences and tactile fascinations, an invitation to the suspension of time and contemplation.

The rooms follow one another in a fluid path, inviting guests to experience the exclusive world of Bentley Home: intimate relaxation corners, embellished with furnishings in the luxurious Degradè essences, the sumptuous suite with its splendid terrace overlooking the inner courtyard. The Atelier area, which, like a tailor’s workshop, represents the quintessence of the Bentley Home lifestyle: a space where the absolute personalization of luxury takes shape amidst precious leathers, marbles and essences.

The Works of Xavier Lust

The atmospheres are complemented by a selection of limited-edition pieces designed by Xavier Lust. The works reveal the Belgian designer’s signature creative poetics and his experimental approach to materials. Dynamism and lightness meet the strength and resistance of metal, the bends, reflections and roundness reveal the artist’s gesture and fit perfectly into the Bentley Home world.

Bentley Home

Bentley Home Opens Its First Atelier in Milan

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