Bentley Home’s First Outdoor Collection: Solstice

It is a complex and fascinating journey of creative confrontation and experimentation that Bentley Home has embarked on with its first Outdoor Solstice collection.

A sublime experience of outdoor living that reflects the close collaborative relationship between Bentley Home, designer Carlo Colombo and Bentley Motors: Solstice represents the landing place of the journey started in Sicily by Bentley Home in 2021, amidst the beauty of the natural landscape, history and cultural heritage.

Bentley Home – Icon of Luxury

In this interplay of reflections between the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and the vision of the British brand, the identity of the collection took shape, inspired by the sensual, tapered profiles of the Ramsey indoor line. The iconic Bentley Matrix grille has been reinterpreted with intricate handcrafting. The super-mirror finish glows with mesmerizing vibrations in the sunlight to render the sophisticated details and refined cross-sectional changes achieved by expert craftsmanship.

The stainless steel perimeter frame is hand-covered in leather by Luxury Living Group artisans and defines the objects in the collection with a contemporary mark that fits naturally into the landscape. Light and dynamic grid elements meet full volumes upholstered in leather and natural fabrics chosen in the ranges of neutrals, earths and aquamarine hues.

Alongside velvets, chenilles and satins treated for outdoor use, extraordinary research work has been conducted in textiles to give ample space to fibers that best interpret a sustainable lifestyle. Bentley Home’s new Outdoor collection is also available with the exclusive MARM \ MORE® marble powder fabric, devised and patented by Italian start-up Fili Pari and developed and produced by Limonta for Bentley Home, together with the new Colwyn hemp fabric declined in the three different shades Cool Grey, Laguna and Desert.

Hemp is one of the oldest of botanical fibers, its origin dating back 6,000 years. Grown without the use of fertilizers and chemicals, it is the most suitable natural textile material for outdoor living because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. Bentley Home’s Colwyn has an antistatic and waterproof treatment that protects the fabric from climatic exposure: dust and liquids slide off without penetrating the fiber, making it weather resistant.

Solstice Collection

The super-mirror steel grid wraps the sofa, armchair, loveseat and ottomans in an embrace. Each individual rod, designed to follow the curved outline of the backrests, is CNC-cut and features sophisticated sectional changes that return elegant vibrations to the weave. The lightness of the grid finds consistency in the solid leather and fabric elements.

Ultra-lightweight and super-comfortable, the sunbeds bring the Bentley Home lifestyle to outdoor spaces. Each element has been meticulously detailed and engineered to create a balance between full and empty volumes, between lines and textures, demonstrating the great investment made by Luxury Living Group to achieve a level of excellence.

Solstice Collection is completed with a series of coffee and side tables, in which the Bentley grid best reveals its dual function, structural and decorative. The super-mirror steel base houses a round marble top, to be chosen from the absolute elegance of Mont Blanc, the woven effect of Silk Brown marble, and the allure of Emerald Green.

Bentley Home

Bentley Home’s First Outdoor Collection: Solstice

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