Classic French style for Jumbo Collection

Jumbo Collection rediscovers its most authentic heritage with a collection celebrating classic French style. The noble and precious materials that distinguish the furnishings are enhanced by the use of refined processing techniques, from the most traditional, such as carvings, inlays and gold leaf finishing, to the most innovative, such as laser engraving that allows for the creation of unexpected decorations.

The delicate color palette, given by the light-colored woods and fabrics, creates a sophisticated atmosphere, while the paneling and picture compositions on the walls tell the story of Jumbo Collection‘s ability to design environments that celebrate a unique and exclusive concept of luxury, an expression and realization of clients’ living dreams.

Within the space are visually striking and exquisitely crafted furniture elements such as the Eglantine Jumbo Collection sofa and armchair, characterized by seductive lines and precious details. The soft and welcoming forms are emphasized by a hand-carved band with gold leaf finish and the fabric flounce that enriches the base.

In the same room is the prominent Intrigue mirror, in typical French taste, made of hand-carved wood with a patinated gold leaf finish, a workmanship that gives it an antique feel. The white lacquered bas-relief on the upper cyma is the detail that enriches the whole.

Boulevard Side Table Jumbo Collection

The same flair returns in the central Boulevard side table of classic French style, which features hand-carved legs and cross and embellished with a gold leaf finish. The top is made of frisé maple wood, with sunburst inlays and brass inserts. Overall, the center table looks like a graceful and precious piece of furniture, expressing a taste for decorative luxury.

Chaine Bed – Jumbo Collection

In the bedroom, too, the collection’s opulent style finds its fullest expression: the Chaine bed, in classic French style, tells of Jumbo Collection’s passion for attention to detail, craftsmanship, and precious materials. The sumptuous hand-carved basswood headboard with antique gold patina finish features embroidered upholstery that continues the sinuous line of the headboard.

Ourlet Chest of Drawers and Night Table – Jumbo Collection

Completing the room are Ourlet dressers and nightstands, perfect expressions of the refinement of cabinet-making and Italian craftsmanship tradition. Made of maple stained in a slightly darker shade, they feature light and bright decorative brass inserts. Perfect furniture elements for a bedroom with a regal and fairy-tale atmosphere.

Classic French style for Jumbo Collection

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