Crystals in motion: Stand Up from SIEGER by Ichendorf

A refined range of handcrafted crystal pieces blown by mouth: the Stand Up collection from SIEGER by Ichendorf, is the new accessories brand that combines SIEGER’s extraordinary design with Ichendorf Milano’s historic manufacturing expertise.

From the Talent of Ichendorf and SIEGER

It is the merging of two historic and important names in the industry, whose collections have been featured for years in living and dining rooms, as well as in major hotels and restaurants around the world.

Roly Poly Crystal Glasses SIEGER by Ichendorf

A beer/long drink glass and a small carafe are added to the mouth-blown and handcrafted Stand Up collection.

This past year, SIEGER by Ichendorf created Stand Up, a crystal collection that can actually sway. For the tumblers, designer Michael Sieger was inspired by the playful lightness of a roly-poly toy.

Whether hollow or full, the accessories gently bob back and forth each time they are touched, only to regain their balance and stand up again. Now the collection expands with a new beer/long drink glass, also ideal for cocktails.

Elegantly curved and more than 12 cm tall, it too dances lively on the table. The mouth-blown and handcrafted crystal glass is perfectly balanced to ensure that the liquid inside does not spill out. This is made possible by a studied curvature of the base, whose contact area with the table measures less than a square millimeter. The tiny spot on which each Stand Up product rests features a finely engraved star, which adds another playful touch to the glass.

Ichendorf Milano


Crystals in motion: Stand Up from SIEGER by Ichendorf

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