Blending Habitats by Dante Negro: Biomorphism in the Era of Hyper-Craftsmanship

Blending Habitats is Dante Negro’s vision of the outdoors, an invitation to rediscover an authentic relationship with the environment and recover direct contact with the land.

With primitive charm and visionary style, the Blending Habitats collections stand as icons of biomorphism: enveloping shapes, organic geometries, natural colors, and sustainable fabrics integrate the design of the collections with the surrounding landscape.

Blending Habitats by Dante Negro, moreover, wants to enhance the working of the material, moving away from the aesthetics of the industrial product: in fact, the collections give life to sculptural furnishings that tell the potential of wrought iron, its irregular surface and its dialogue with nature. But it is also a multi-material project where the accessories that complement the collections adopt sculpted and mirrored metals, silvery and crystalline marble and lava stones, and fused glass.

In this narrative context, the outdoor furniture company presents the completion of the Dolmen collection by Margherita Rui with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, and two new collections, as well as Type by Stormo Studio and Bambusae by Zanellato/Bortotto. The dialogue between wrought iron and the outdoors continues to be the beating heart of the projects, which push the brand’s know-how to its limits to bring craftsmanship back to absolute value.

Dolmen Dante Negro

Dolmen is inspired by the primordial concept of the living archetype. A reinterpretation of the gazebo and its complements, outdoor icons that are elevated from simple products to components of a space where landscape, architecture, and people enter into symbiosis, a true habitat of man when he lives outdoors.

Bambusae Dante Negro

Bambusae takes inspiration from Bamboo forests, the supple nature of reeds, and their unique way of filtering light, creating interesting and vibrant plays of light and shadow. The collection consists of a gazebo, with a light, imprecise cover and support structures that flex slightly, a round, square or rectangular table, and a chair that picks up on the same motif as the gazebo cover while searching for the sinuous flexuousness that distinguishes the plant.

Type Dante Negro

The Type collection narrates a process of abstraction. In fact, the name refers to the very origin of the word, the prime specimen and primordial writing. Stormo has designed a collection of elements that connect with each other to articulate a recognizable language and at the same time represent universally known forms linked to collective memory and symbol. These design intentions are manifested with honesty and plasticity, typical characteristics of metal.

Dante Negro

Blending Habitats by Dante Negro: Biomorphism in the Era of Hyper-Craftsmanship

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