Design and Domotics in the Kitchen: Laboratorio Mattoni

Design, Domotics, and Made: the 2022 collection by Laboratorio Mattoni embodies and extraordinarily reinterprets precisely these characteristics in a new and inimitable way with innovative forms and materials.

The collection designed by the brand presents models perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, all under the banner of Made in Italy, as the furniture is completely handmade by artisans and above all customizable in sizes, materials, and finishes, experimenting with new concepts, materials, and technological innovations.

Laboratorio Mattoni – Giulia

Giulia is the queen and undisputed star of the collection. An innovative Bar cabinet that uses novel materials and electric movements in a novel way. Exclusive shape and design play with textures of noble and innovative fabrics at the same time and a treated and antiqued brass covering. There are as many as three electric movements: one that moves the Hard Top back and forth in a frontal manner; a mechanism deputed to open the side shells like a casket; and the last one capable of raising and lowering the side trays.

A Bar cabinet with a retro feel that houses a domotic and modern soul: a fascinating and must-have design object for a trendy space and exclusive events, which also features a wine cellar and storage compartment among its equipment.

The frame is declined in wood, shaped by a numerically controlled mechanism, while the upholstery is brass treated with antique effect. The side rustications are made of stain-resistant and water-repellent technical fabric, the Hard Top is made of antiqued brass with marble inserts, and the worktop is made of handcrafted marble. Further embellishing Giulia’s aesthetics is the handcrafted Murano glass front panel with LED backlighting.

Laboratorio Mattoni – Ginevra

A kitchen with classic, antique forms with a modern, contemporary heart, representing the marriage of classic lines and cutting-edge technology. Ginevra also uses a technical fabric upholstery, something that represents an absolute novelty for the entire reference segment. The textures intersect with an antiqued brass structure that is one of the stars of the new collection.

The antiqued brass Hard Top moves electrically to the side with a major overhang and uncovers a handcrafted stainless steel Work Top that conceals a high-end Gaggenau induction plate. The upholstery is made of brass treated with an antiqued effect, with side ashlars made of stain-resistant and water-repellent technical fabric. The lower part is equipped with 2 refrigerators with glass doors and 2 storage compartments. Ginevra is also equipped with LED perimeter lights and also features a mobile base with wheels.

Laboratorio Mattoni – Pied De Poule

A unique kitchen that combines a retro texture with an avant-garde essence. In fact, Pied de Poule’s peculiarity is its side covering that recalls the optical art typical of the 1960s but then amazes with its truly modern content. In addition, with its complete stainless steel body, it changes color depending on the time of day. The worktop is made of handcrafted stainless steel with Teppan Yaki and Gaggenau induction, with the Hard Top equipped with front electric movement. The lower part is equipped with 2 refrigerators with glass doors and 2 storage compartments, Led perimeter lights, and wheels at the kitchen base.

Laboratorio Mattoni – Costanza

A spark of innovation, a whimsical kitchen declined with cutting-edge materials. In Costanza, the cladding that consists of a cement-like material with fiber optics inside and LED backlighting stands out. By day it has a sober and elegant look, by night a striking and scenic effect, capturing light and giving a touch of class with sinuous and elegant shapes.

The structure and worktop, equipped with a sink and pull-down faucet and Teppan Yaki griddle, and a Gaggenau grill, are made of stainless steel, with the Hard Top equipped with an electric front movement, while the side cladding is stone with fiber optics and LED backlighting. The lower part features two stainless steel refrigerators, a convex glass door, a stainless steel storage compartment, LED perimeter lights and wheels at the kitchen base.

Laboratorio Mattoni – Cecilia

Cecilia is a kitchen with exotic rhythms and important dimensions, characterized by a Hard Top equipped with a wide overhang and a combination of sober and elegant colors. The structure conceals a completely handmade Corian drawer for all media devices with a USB charging port. It also houses 3 Gaggenau appliances that enable cooking ranging from Light Lunch to full-fledged Show cooking.

The frame and worktop are stainless steel, while the side paneling is handcrafted Burma Teak planks. The lower part features two refrigerators and two storage compartments in stainless steel, LED perimeter lights, and wheels at the kitchen base

Design and Domotics in the Kitchen: Laboratorio Mattoni

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