Design as the Art of Living with the Exclusive Masterpieces of Zanaboni Edizioni

ZANABONI, known for its high-end furniture in contemporary and classic styles, has established itself over the years as one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury furnishings market segment as well as an ambassador of the qualities and values of “made in Italy.”

In the 1960s, Vittorio Zanaboni, an eclectic individual and artist, created the company that bears his name. He presented his first collections of living room furniture, distinguished by a new approach originating from the reinvention and association of sculptural and architectural elements. This spirit and the attitude towards experimentation is the solid background of the new modern collections by ZANABONI, distinguished by the strong spirit and character inherited from the past.

ZANABONI’s collections are unique and exclusive masterpieces, timeless protagonists of a luxurious and refined elegance that are the result of the skillful work of master craftsmen who have passed down their secrets from one generation to the next, and of the collaboration with some of the most brilliant architects, established nationally and internationally. 


This synergy with well-known designers has led to the creation of the new modern brand ZANABONI EDIZIONI, born from the need to combine and reinterpret the classic and the modern with an innovative approach that does not forget history and that proposes the art of living through furniture and complements in which design, style, material, unprecedented workmanship, and tailoring follow new aesthetic codes.

The modern collection is in fact the result of the collaboration and synergy with established designers,including Studio Mamo, Castello Lagravinese Studio, Marco Cocco, Stefano Bettio, and Andrea Borgogni.

Creativity and neat lines characterize all the elements of the collection, made by artfully shaping the noblest materials such as wood, marble, metal and top-quality coatings, all rigorously Made in Italy.

The house opens to the outside, indoor and outdoor dialogue in a single environment with an identity that can be changed from time to time by freely moving pieces of furniture in a space that is ever-closer to nature. Relaxing living areas with modular sofas, cozy dining rooms and private bedrooms contaminated with unique pieces, accessories of different sizes and materials come together to recreate truly personalized environments.

CAROL – Design by Castello Lagravinese Studio

A modern model with essential and smooth lines, CAROL is the perfect match between style and comfort for a glamorous and welcoming living area. It represents an iconic piece of furniture capable of coexisting with elegance in any context. Available in 3-seater, 2-seater, armchair and pouf version.

CLOUD – Design by Castello Lagravinese Studio

Coffee tables and side tables with an exclusive design, icons of the collection NEXT. Available in different sizes, heights and shapes, the CLOUD tables are extremely sculptural thanks to the characteristic thick marble top, which is lightened by the double metal base in different finishes and sections, round and oval.

FREDDY – Design by Castello Lagravinese Studio

Iconic and modular sofa, characterized by the precious embroidery proposed on individual elements such as armrests and lumbar supports, which in addition to becoming a distinctive feature it enhances its personality by reflecting the decorative soul of ZANABONI.

Extremely versatile, presents itself different combinations of elements in leather (armrest, lumbar support, and headrest) and in fabric (seat and back cushions). Available in fixed or modular version and in various sizes that allow for the creation of combinations that will fit any type of environment.

KALÒS – Design by Castello Lagravinese Studio

Kalòs is a series of dining tables with an unprecedented design, which surprises for its intrinsic versatility, designed to take shape in the combination of materials with the aim of making this model suitable both for essential and rigorous environments, as well as for more rich environments.

ED/50 602 Kalòs in the round version (available with or without Lazy Susan) features a base in gray striped wood and cloudy gold finish metal, with a top in Belvedere marble, also available in Patagonia and White Dover marble.

EGLE – Design by Castello Lagravinese Studio

Iconic armchair of the modern collection, with decisive but harmonious lines obtained through the perfect combination between the solid wood structure and the leather upholstery. 

The light and dynamic design makes it suitable for settings in any style. Available in versions with and without armrests and in the lounge version.

NOUVELLE VAGUE – Design by Studio Mamo

Spacious and welcoming 4-seater sofa, with a well-defined design and ebony colored basement.

Captivating and modern, the decisive rhythm of the NOUVELLE VAGUE is marked by the graduated dimensions of its backrest, with a maximum height in the central part. Designed to coordinate with the bed of the same name from the modern ZANABONI EDIZIONI collection, the NOUVELLE VAGUE sofa was born from the need to combine and reinterpret style with a modern and captivating approach. NOUVELLE VAGUE is available in 4-seater, 3-seater, 2-seater, and armchair versions.

PRESENCE – Design by Studio Mamo

The stylish design of the PRESENCE cabinet perfectly combines look and functionality, this makes it the potential protagonist of any indoor, strong in its character and refinement. The doors are made of Canaletto walnut with alternating smooth and ribbed panels, the internal fitting provides two glass shelves, two practical drawers, mirrored back and LED light. Handles and details in polished brass gold color, base in bronzed metal.


Design as the Art of Living with the Exclusive Masterpieces of Zanaboni Edizioni

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