The transversality of elements in a single kitchen design system

An evocative tale of Doimo Cucine’s timeless values and the convergence of those who choose its style in a path forged in affinity, sharing and relationship: Doimo Cucine’s All-ArounD catalog, which will be presented in the fall, refers to a world of suggestions, in line with the company’s identity, a synthesis of the past, present and future.

Total freedom of composition for Doimo Cucine

Natural modernism: this is the description that beautifully lends itself to the first composition that introduces the upcoming novelties. A solution that is expressed through the transversality of the elements in which coexist the particular Aspen elements, starting with the door with an internal aluminum frame, with elements of the D23, 4-sided smooth door.

A stone path among rich and varied foliage introduces the spacious kitchen. Natural light floods the rooms from the glass walls. Banana trees and tropical shrubs in the garden filter the brightness to the ground floor. It is an embrace of privacy, of the intimacy of those who inhabit it and like to live in the utmost comfort.

A room that no longer has walls, but endless opportunities. Columns become a central element in this composition redefining the room into functional areas. The kitchen is conviviality to be lived in its essence, with recessed doors having the task of concealing appliances and operating areas. The pantry becomes the heart of the space, with the food disappearing behind the doors and, on view, the crockery and objects that nourish the harmony of the soul.

The elegance of volumes stands out everywhere. From the garden to the interior architecture, subdivided by the earth-sky columns, to the monolithic effect of the island outlined by the floor-to-ceiling doors and lightened by clever detailing such as the snack top that cuts diagonally across the island.

The central island features tops and fronts in MDi Umbra, snack top in Tecnolam Cinnamon Walnut, the washing area is punctuated by a paneling in Tecnolam Cinnamon Walnut, metal shelves, and columns with recessed doors in Fenix NTM® Cacao Orinoco.

The transversality of elements in a single kitchen design system

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