Eco-Friendly Design: Green Living Italian Style

With attention to climate change at the top of global politics and a hot topic on media outlets, more and more people are searching for ways to make their homes, businesses, and daily lives more eco-friendly. From the foods that are grown and bought, to the cars that are driven, to the new homes that are built, manufacturers and consumers alike have become increasingly conscious of the impact ecologically-sound materials can have on the planet and even on health.

New construction is just one sector where environmentally-friendly solutions are in high demand and, at times, even required by law. Over the past decades, ever-greater attention and advances have been made with the incremental use of solar panels, sustainable and recycled materials, electric-powered construction equipment, low energy lighting, water recycling, and attention to drainage systems.

Likewise, consumers are becoming progressively more attuned to the benefits that ecologically-friendly home furniture can have on their health and general well-being. How these furnishings are made and where they come from is of ever-increasing importance in today’s more eco-conscious world.

Green products for the home contribute to saving the environment because they are made with harmless materials, and are built to reduce pollution. This furniture also makes homes safer because they are made with minimal amounts of chemicals, thereby reducing damaging pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can, in turn, be released inside the home.

For decades, Italy has remained at the top of the world’s luxury furniture design market – known for its expert craftsmanship, innovative styles blended with classical elegance, and an industry dominated by Avant-guard technology. This careful attention to detail and constant search for excellence has also pushed the country to become world leaders in the design of eco-friendly pieces that ensure quality and style, as well as delivering on a promise to create luxury home design that is also part of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Read on to discover a series of furniture designed with masterful workmanship that combines product quality and respect for the environment to create the perfect furnishings for homes that are more sustainable and as always elegant and stylish.

Eco-Friendly Italian design

Endor Desirée Sofa

This sofa, designed by Marc Sadler for Desirée, is made with a raw material of vegetal origin. The wooden legs are irregular in position, inclination, and shade, reminiscent of forest trees.  The sense is of a seating space suspended in mid-air. The sofa is made with precious materials ranging from wood to metal to organic cotton and polyurethane made from vegetables – all eco-sustainable.

Eco-friendly Italian design

Angie Minotti Armchair

Minotti’s Angie Armchair is a perfect example of a virtuous production process. For years, this company has focused on eco-sustainable production as part of its fundamental design plans. Every piece comes from controlled raw materials, while the company promotes reforestation projects and uses polyurethane that is free of harmful chlorofluorocarbons. The chair, which is part of a collection that includes a footrest and small dining armchair, highlights contrast with its varied textures in an apparent simplicity of style that in reality belies advanced technological design.

Eco-Friendly Italian design

Remind Recycled Grey Pedrali

Designed by Eugeni Quitllet, Remind is a collection of chairs characterized by comfort and a feeling of envelopment. The soft curves are reminiscent of designs from the second half of the 19th century. They are also available in a version made of 100% recycled material: 50% from post-consumer plastic waste and 50% from industrial plastic waste.

The Remind Recycled Grey chair received the Green Smart Label award precisely for standing out for its sustainable properties, a prestigious award that is part of one of three Smart Label – Host Innovation Awards.

Eco-Friendly Italian design

Arche Dining Table Greenkiss Paolo Castelli

A collection of furniture for all rooms in the home, a perfect combination of design and ecology, Greenkiss is the first eco-design collection by Paolo Castelli that is 100% Made in Italy.

Arche Dining Table stands out for its sophistication. The piece, which is also available in the coffee table version, is characterized by clean geometric shapes, enhanced by an arch that becomes a supporting structure of a rationalist architectural design. The table is made of metal sheets arranged in a cross, shaped like a laser-cut arch, in a champagne-colored finish with an orbital satin finish. The top can be made of grey sandblasted or ivory polished Vicenza stone, reconstituted stone, or natural charcoal with reclaimed brass shavings. A series of satin-finished champagne-colored metallic decorations embellish the top in a play on contrasting materials.

Eco-Friendly Italian design

Venice Console Table Riva 1920

The enchanted atmosphere of the Venetian Lagoon inspires the creation of this sculptural Venice Console Table by Riva 1920.

The table is characterized by a polished steel top and legs made from the discarded poles from the Venice Lagoon. The philosophy behind the design is to create furnishings with a natural charm that are able to convey unique connections with a special place while sustaining the environment in a way that is creative and unique.

By Liana Bicchieri

Eco-Friendly Design: Green Living Italian Style

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