The Organic Forms of Fabbian Suspensions

Light brings with it the idea of an element that is enveloping and soft, which expands infinitely using even the obstacles it encounters to create depths and shapes that blur the perception and frame our vision. This natural energy has lured designers to one of two philosophies: either attempting to capture its magic by imprisoning it in geometric shapes that follow rigid rules or freeing its organic nature into forms that are coherent, natural, and functional. Fabbian‘s suspension lights, Puppy and Akoya, adhere to the latter belief – seeking to send sinuous volumes of light and luster into the world around us.

Puppy by Fabbian

Puppy, designed by Alberto Ghirardello, combines two bodies in different materials, of which the one in the traditional artisanal ceramic of Nove sends back from its textured surface the reflections that come from the diffuser in white flashed blown glass. The shape is sinuous and abstract, unassociated with any concrete reference, and for this reason all the more harmonious because it seems to come from a world of pure fantasy. The black-white color contrast makes the volume graphic and contemporary.

Today the table version is enriched with a suspension to create continuity in the space. A project with a retro taste in a contemporary reinterpretation in which Fabbian’s knowledge of materials is expressed.

Akoya by Fabbian

The Akoya suspension lamp, designed by Filippo Protasoni, has a clear natural reference to the shape of a shell with the precious content of a pearl. Akoya comes from the geometric evolution of the circumference, which first becomes a two-dimensional surface – the circle, and then a three-dimensional volume – the sphere.

The interaction of these two geometries develops the image of a shell that holds a precious luminous pearl inside. Just like pearls, a symbol of perfection and known for their remarkable degree of luster, the Akoya lamp collection demonstrates its natural simplicity and ability to dialogue with its architectural context.

The lamp collection includes a wall sconce and indoor suspension, made from two metal discs (available in white, anthracite, and corten finishes) that contain a blown glass diffuser.

The Organic Forms of Fabbian Suspensions

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