Good and Eco Design: the Active Faucet by Franke

Sustainability and refined aesthetics are the hallmarks of Franke’s new Active faucet.

The “good design” trend, a movement born in the 1970s around the concept of “less is more,” identifies the principles that should characterize product design as we know it today: innovation, utility, aesthetics, durability, and sustainability.

The latter assumption is found in eco-design, which focuses on the circular economy, the durability of a product over time, and, finally, the reduction and impact of consumers’ ecological footprint.

Franke’s Focus on Eco-Design

A company committed to the principles of good as well as eco-design, Franke, a world leader in intelligent systems and solutions for the home kitchen, has created the Active faucet with a sleek design and sustainable performance.

Distinguished by harmonious aesthetics and contemporary styling, the new product helps consumers green their homes.

But that’s not all: the company also focuses on eco-design. The use of sustainable raw materials, the concepts of quality and durability, and the provision of exceptional functionality and reduced environmental impact go in this direction.

Thanks to its built-in function, the ECO Cartridge, the tap is in fact able to limit water and energy consumption.

It is a system in which a lever and a temperature limiter help save water and energy at the same time.

Just by operating the lever, the flow of water decreases by up to 50 percent, allowing the tap to provide enough water – and with enough pressure – for all kinds of operations. Limiting the temperature means being able to reduce the amount of hot water used, saving money and energy, simply by turning a ring component inside the faucet handle, thereby adjusting the temperature of the flow.

Design is also an integral part of the Active Faucet, balancing a minimalist feel with maximum elegance.

A High-Tech Faucet with Aesthetics

Available in seven exceptional finishes, this product was born out of a desire to meet every need in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Chrome, White, Black Matt, Oyster, Stone Grey, and Black are just a few of the shades available to satisfy every home and interior design lover, from minimalists to supporters of a more contemporary pop style.

The faucet’s exceptional design catches the eye, even more, when paired with the perfectly coordinated Franke sink basins, such as the Maris in Stainless Steel or Fragranite finishes, creating a total kitchen experience where all elements can be coordinated in color, style, and design.

In addition, the Active also features a dual spray option for enhanced performance: thanks to the pull-out spray, the tap actually makes it easier to rinse fruits and vegetables and remove stubborn dirt from dishes. The water jet is able to reach every part of the sink, giving a complete and simplified cleaning experience. A laminar aerator mounted in the spout then ensures that Active delivers a crystal-clear flow of water, without splashing and making very little noise.

“As we all strive to save energy, the new Active Faucet offers an elegant and sustainable solution for today’s homes. – explains Imane Ghorbani, Head Global Category Taps at Franke Home Solutions – Performance and style are at the heart of its design: the product allows consumers to create a unique look that fits perfectly in their home, while also providing a viable green option for all those who espouse the cause of the environment.”

Good and Eco Design: the Active Faucet by Franke

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