Harmony in Open Air: the Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture Collection

Outdoor collections that furnish terraces, gardens, or swimming pools with absolute ease, elegance and freedom of customization, from the most urban and contemporary environments to the most sophisticated or immersed in nature: the Gervasoni Outdoor furniture.

The Gervasoni Outdoor collection is the result of a careful selection and harmonious combination of natural and technical materials-perfect for resisting atmospheric agents and the passage of time-processed with expert craftsmanship and innovative technologies.

Guna Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture 

Chiara Andreatti designs the Guna outdoor furniture collection composed of rugs, charpoy, cushions, and small tables with a strong multi-ethnic inspiration.

Guna is a Sanskrit term meaning “energy that envelops all things”: an interweaving of yarns, meshes, and textures but also of inspirations, relationships, and cultures are the basis of the designer’s project.

A traditional Indian lounger with low and wide proportions, the charpoy is reinterpreted by Chiara Andreatti through the use of nautical ropes in natural, red, and blue colors, woven manually to the outdoor-treated Iroko wood frame. Completing the collection are Guna low tables, with a round top with a sculptural base in Millgres in red, white, and blue.

Brise Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor conviviality is the key to one of Federica Biasi’s collections. A lively, elegant, and sparkling collection at the same time, Brise evokes the floral, Art Nouveau style, defined by ornamental and decorative lines that are inspired by nature to harmonize with it.

The line consists of round coffee tables with cylinder bases and removable Millgres tops available in different sizes and heights and in a dynamic color palette, and are also available with stainless steel bases.

Brise chairs have a slightly curved tubular stainless steel frame and seat and back in WoodEvolution, laser-carved to create a perforated texture in reference to Vienna straw. Designed to match the seating, Brise tables come in a variety of sizes and with round, rectangular or square tops; they have thin, lightweight tubular stainless steel bases, while the tops, available in perforated galvanized sheet metal or concrete, create patterns that recall that of the seating.

Jeko Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

The allure of the exotic mood inspires the Jeko collection, designed by Paola Navone. All the products in the Jeko collection have a structure made of ECOTeak, a material derived from the reuse of teak beams and elements recovered from the demolition, authorized by local authorities, of traditional wooden houses on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Reclaimed elements are cut to size, repaired with recycled wood, assembled and sanded to highlight the original grain and finally hand-polished with hemp cloths and shavings. Very essential and clean products, in which the natural beauty of the reclaimed wood is accentuated and not concealed, being the strong point of the entire collection.

Kasane Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

The Kasane collection, designed by Japanese studio Nendo, means “To Overlap” in Japanese, and was born from a play of joints and overlapping of different elements, in which each product becomes a sculpture with soft and sinuous shapes.

Inspired by the way cups, by stacking them one by one, gradually become taller, the collection of ottomans and tables is characterized by the rhythmic expression of stacked edges and the textural sensations of clay that defines the soul of the product. The table bases and ottomans are made of an expanded polymer, while the table top is made of MDF: all components are then covered with a thin layer of clay in earth colors.

Flair Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

The Flair modular sofa by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti opens the door to an informal product in use, soft in curves and at the same time controlled in design. A system consisting of large poufs that can be freely combined to create new compositions each time.

The manually folding double-hinged backrest, independent for each individual seat and upholstered with an outdoor quilted fabric, defines and enlivens the product’s skyline, allowing for double heights on individual backs. Flair is able to combine a mechanical part composed of straps and zippers, with a textile part, designed to highlight the special processing of Gervasoni’s fabrics.

Hashi Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

Oriental and exotic inspirations give life to Hashi, a collection designed by Federica Biasi and composed of a modular sofa and rocking chair.

Literally “chopsticks” in Japanese, Hashi starts precisely from a system with a minimal and rigid structurereminiscent of the oriental instrument from which it takes its name, to give life to products characterized by encounters of different styles, flavors, and cultures, in a dynamic dialogue between two worlds.

The uniqueness of Hashi lies in the use of Accardi’s Outdoor Jacquard technical fabric: sustainable, light and waterproof, and carefully crafted by artisan weavers, Accardi’s Outdoor fabric creates a textured pattern that harmoniously blends with the wooden structure with an irregular section, once again highlighting the reference to Japonism and the local craft tradition.


Harmony in Open Air: the Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture Collection

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