Charming Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Looking for the ideal holiday present to gift your loved ones who adore home décor and design? Table accessories that are both functional and beautiful are always appreciated. Take a peek at the selection of unique and elegant items below to discover special gift ideas for anyone who appreciates sophisticated objects for the home.

Norman copenhagen

Liqueur & Cognac Glass by Normann Copenhagen

The exclusive gift for anyone who adores impeccable liquor tastings – This is a glass that breaks with classic conventions of design. Created to offer both beauty and functionality, Copenhagen’s design is pure pleasure. Its shape enhances the intimate experience of tasting a liquor or cognac by accentuating both the color and movement of the liquid while elevating its aromas and protecting its temperature.


Fatman Riser by Alessi

A unique gift for the person who wants it all – The Fatman folding riser by Alessi is a versatile object that is marked by distinguished and elegant lines. When open, it serves as a container, and when closed it transforms into a decorative design accessory.

Creator Marcel Wanders, fascinated by the circus and its performers, chose to embellish this refined accessory with shiny multicolored stainless steel, turning the piece into a real sculpture to be exhibited, while also belying a functional product, a multi-level stand designed to accommodate cakes or other delicacies.

Fatman, as its name suggests, has the features of a man with a robust body, dressed in a suit reminiscent of a clown.


Kn-Jars by knIndustrie

A refined present for the sophisticated host – The Kn-Jars series by knIndustrie consists of a glass from its Intaglio line and three from its collection of Quaderni glasses, each redesigned to function as small containers for sugar, spices, cheese, and sauces. The set is completed by a cedar wood board as a support to facilitate transportation and for display. In order to transform the glasses into containers, also suitable for holding fresh food, a polished steel lid was designed for each glass, providing a distinguishing contrast to highlight the particular workmanship of each glass. These glasses pass from ordinary to objects of extraordinary style and function.

Woodland Tales Ichendorf Milano

Woodland Tales Ichendorf Milan

The Woodland Tales carafe by Ichendorf Milano is a gift for anyone who is a child at heart – This table accessory is part of a fairy-tale-inspired home collection, Woodland Tales, by Ichendorf Milano. Handmade with borosilicate glass and shaped by lamplight, each object in the collection is a short story, an invented tale, that imparts a sense of poetic lightness. Designed by Alessandra Baldareschi, the forest, the animals, and the village are the ingredients of a fantastic narrative that recalls the carefree times of childhood, when just a little imagination was capable of transporting anyone into a surreal world of wonder and charm.

The protagonists of the accessories are deer, birds, squirrels, owls, white rabbits, bears, raccoons, foxes, and also a wishing tree and the colorful houses of a dream village. Each detailed item contains an imaginary landscape for a delicate and joyful table.

Graphik Decanter by Christofle

A gift for the sophisticated wine lover – Design with handmade crystal, the Graphik decanter by Christofle is an essential accessory for a modern and elegant table. Its graceful design was studied to exalt the characteristics of a wine, enhancing its bouquet, color, and intensity.

Charming Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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