Perfect Imperfection: Hoba Foscarini 

Hoba by Foscarini is inspired by a meteorite that fell to Earth, translating the perfect imperfection of a handcrafted object into a series lamp that represents the physical embodiment of anti-geometry.

Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, this new lamp collection explores blown glass experimentation beyond traditional forms and methods.

Describing Hoba involves turning to the language of nature. Crafted from opaque blown glass, it resembles a rock fallen to Earth, deformed by speed and crystallized in the moment of flight. The collection is named after the Hoba meteorite, the heaviest to land on Earth, touching down in Namibia.

Despite its asymmetric and irregular shape, Hoba aims to be a series lamp, produced industrially yet retaining the characteristics of a handmade lamp.

Roberto Palomba explains, “Like objects made by human hands, Hoba has a non-univocal relationship with its form, displaying that perfect imperfection which triggers magic, curiosity, and an elective affinity with humans.”

Hoba emerges from a sphere, now almost unrecognizable, with the glass flattened at various points, as if pressed by a hand, leaving a series of impressions. This effect results from careful calibration, achieving a shape that is emptied, volumetrically mistreated, and characterized by organic deformation – an anti-geometry.

This lamp represents an unprecedented expression of the designers’ years-long exploration of blown glass with Foscarini. Ludovica Serafini notes that integrating processes normally carried out by specialized glassmakers into an industrial context allows the creation of uniquely decorative lamps with a strong personality, providing the emotional value of handmade pieces along with the affordability guaranteed by serial production.

Creating Hoba involves a process that shapes the lamp during the blowing phase while the glass is still hot.

Roberto Palomba explains, “The pressure occurs within a well-defined perimeter but is exerted by the master glassmaker, never being identical. Foscarini experimented extensively, leveraging its glass processing expertise and exploring various options to ensure no two lamps are exactly alike.”

Hoba is a comprehensive lamp family offered in suspension, table, wall, and ceiling versions, available in midi, medium, and large sizes.


Perfect Imperfection: Hoba Foscarini 

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