A Holiday Table to Gather All Around

The holiday table – may this be the year that families and friends can once again gather near to celebrate the festivities together. Setting the scene with a warmly decorated home, soft holiday lighting, a scrumptious menu and an inviting table are moments to be cherished. Whether this year’s holidays are large or small, a carefully appointed table is welcoming to all and a pleasure to set. Read on to get some inspiration for creating an ambiance for one and all to gather round.

Gold & Black

Few color combinations evoke a sense of lavish sophistication more than gold and black. Setting a table with this combination is both simple and bold – creating a look that is undeniably chic. Play around with pieces on hand or buy some new touches to recreate this look at home.

Rosenthal meets Versace

The glamorous luxury of Versace meets the finest Rosenthal porcelain in the Rosenthal meets Versace collection: precious accessories characterized by careful workmanship and sophisticated decorations inspired by the unmistakable baroque iconography that has always distinguished the fashion house. In particular, the I Heart Baroque line of plates features refined designs in shades of white, black and gold inspired by the Baroque era, with the head of Medusa emerging in all its light at the center of the plate, framed by geometric motifs with a contemporary feel. The brightness of the table is accentuated by goblets from the Gala Prestige Crystal collection, finely carved crystals, embellished with a golden band, with the Medusa once again in the foreground.

Classic VG Newtrend

Gold is the timeless king of metals and the protagonist of the Classic line of plates by VG Newtrend. For this collection, glass is tinged with the nuances of gold, stylishly paired with black in a combination that enhances the brilliance and splendor of the metal. Inspired by classical art, the line reinterprets traditional decorations in a contemporary key, creating the most sumptuous vibe, perfect for those who do not want to give up the timeless elegance of gold on the table.

Red & White

No color recalls the holidays like red. In every tone, this luscious shade is forever linked with regality and class. To truly bring in the holidays, set red against a white backdrop reminiscent of the snow. Add an extra dimension to the setting with little additions of gold to truly elevate the look.

Grand Galerie Richard Ginori

Exclusive and elegant tableware by Richard Ginori, colored in Christmas red, the Grande Galerie collection of dishes is characterized by a precious decoration of floral motifs, outlined by a pure gold profile and framed by a bright red that stands out on the white of pure porcelain plates, teapots, trays, mugs, cups and risers.

The Simplicity of Ice

Like the beauty that nature beholds when icicles form from the melting snow or the delicate pattern of a freshly fallen snowflake, the perfect elegance of nature truly has no comparison. Bring a touch of this simple sophistication to the holiday table by choosing glass and crystal elements. The lights in the room will dance off of the surface setting the scene. Select a metal to add a highlight to this table setting by using pieces that are gold or silver, such as utensils, dishes, or holiday décor.

Aria by IVV Home & Table

Ethereal transparent glass characterizes the Aria collection of plates by IVV Home & Table, furrowed by a delicate gold pattern, providing an accent that is linear and refined. Aria accessories give a holiday mise en place a touch of sophisticated lightness.

This holiday season, let creativity and love light homes and hearts. Buone Feste!

A Holiday Table to Gather All Around

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