The Modern Home According to cierre1972 and The Mac Collection

The Mac collection punctuates the modern home according to cierre1972 with linear objects that are able to fulfill their function and at the same time define a precise, unequivocal idea of style. It creates a setting where forms come together to create alluringly simple objects, those pieces of simplicity that typically arise out of a profound quest and desire.

This is how the Mac collection was conceived, designed for cierre1972 by Maurizio Manzoni, whose emblematic piece is indubitably the table that is completed with a chair and coffee tables intended for contemporary living.

Mac table by cierre1972

The Mac table comes to life from the combination of materials crafted in their essentiality with exquisite finishes, such as the metal frame, matte colors painted in 10 different shades, combined with the top available in five distinct ceramic finishes and chrome end pieces in Standard, Black and Gold finishes. Deliberately, the material on the top, through the colors of matte lacquer or ceramic designs, finally takes center stage and dominates over the form, to the point of making any stylistic choice timeless.

Mac chair

Accompanying the table is the chair of the same name. The Mac chair demonstrates how any minimal concept can become an opportunity for innovation at the very moment it is enriched with a sense of diversity. In this concept coexist the severity of metal surfaces, the splendor of leather and the light of chrome. The variation resides in the selection of details, in the possibility of combining different finishes: as many as 10 matte paints for the frame, 150 colors of leather for the seat, and 3 different chrome finishes for the end pieces.

Mac armchair

The Mac collection also infiltrates other nooks of the home through the small armchair. The new home concept for cierre1972 is a workshop of counterbalancing contrasts, each existing as its opposite exists, but also a workshop of details and a factory of colors. An explosion of comfortable forms supported by a rigid geometric frame. Remarkable then is the opacity of the painted metal or the brilliance of the chrome details that mingle with fabrics and a universe of leathers. The beauty of this armchair, which is an ode to Bauhaus, immediately defines the style of any space.

Mac side tables

The series of coffee tables completes the collection – all lightweight, available in two sizes and shapes. The matte lacquered top, available in 10 colors, is attached to the frame, the slender legs are embellished with chrome end pieces in Standard, Black and Gold finishes. The entire range of objects satisfies the need for space and aesthetic taste thanks to sustainable materials to build the environments of the future.


The Modern Home According to cierre1972 and The Mac Collection

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