Light and Desire in the Garden of Eden

A scenographic and lush Garden of Eden where lighting design accessories by Foscarini are revealed as unprecedented objects of desire: this is the work created by designer Ferruccio Laviani at Foscarini Spazio Manforte on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan.

De-Light Garden is the evocative name chosen for the installation designed for visitors – an exhibit that can already be seen from the building’s exterior façade covered in graphics adorned with the symbolic image of a snake enveloping an apple. As you enter, you will be taken on an immersive journey created by a play of wings and graphics that recreate a path to a lush garden where the striking display of lights reveals unprecedented objects of desire for design enthusiasts.

As the designer himself tells it, De-Light Garden in fact plays on the theme of temptation and desire by reinterpreting the scene of Adam and Eve intent on plucking the forbidden fruit.

“Delighting means giving pleasure, and why not, also to the eyes and touch. – declares Ferruccio Laviani – De-light is dedicated to that subtle thread that binds all of us to the volitional impulse to possess something and the temptation we feel in desiring it. And it is precisely the temptation and the pleasure that illumination, in all its forms, gives us that inspired me for the installation of Foscarini Spazio Monforte.”

“Crossing the threshold we find ourselves immersed in the Garden of Eden where we witness, as if crystallized, the scene of Adam and Eve intent on plucking the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil, in a context that seems to spring from a Dürer engraving. With this setup, I wanted to say that ‘falling into temptation’ from time to time is beautiful and that design and illumination can, in turn, become an object of desire.”

Foscarini’s De-Light

Protagonists at De-Light Garden are two brand new lights: the TONDA hanging lamp designed by Laviani himself and the BRIDGE table lamp by Francesco Meda – in his second collaboration with the company after having designed CHIAROSCURA with his father Alberto.

On the lower floor of the showroom, the presentation of new products continues, with NILE by Rodolfo Dordoni and CHIAROSCURA by Alberto and Francesco Meda. Proposals so different from each other that, together, each with its own identity, affirm Foscarini’s always pioneering vision and its ability to constantly rewrite the rules of the game.

To further confirm the more experimental and innovative soul of the brand, ample space is devoted to the research work the brand is conducting together with Andrea Anastasio in the area of ceramics and the interplay with light.

Finally, Foscarini presents several range expansions with ceiling versions of GREGG, CHOUCHIN, GEM and RITUALS as well as a new anthracite finish for the pendant lamp APLOMB.

Light and Desire in the Garden of Eden

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