Liu Jo Living Coquille: An invitation to peaceful moments

Renewing the home with the ease of a change of clothes: this is the philosophy of Liu Jo Living that shines through in the new upholstered furniture collection, Coquille, designed by Simone Cagnazzo.

The product line is spontaneously inspired by the element “shell,” from which the entire furniture project takes its name. Like an embrace, the Coquille seats are an invitation and, at the same time, a tribute to well-deserved daily idleness.

Liu Jo Living’s Coquille Collection

Borrowing from Italian literature, not only the poeticity but also the intrinsic meaning, the Coquille collection, as in a paraphrase, past the storm is ready to welcome and transmit to those who use it that balanced sense of peace, that sought-after and long-awaited moment of rest, obtained only by pressing the “pause” button from the daily routine.

A soft nest that envelops and contains just like the form of a seashell. A Coquille, that of Liu Jo Living, is deliberately configurable in a variety of versions. With a shape that changes, from sofa to armchair, or from day bed to pouf, to sew an ideal relaxation cutout in every room of the house. After all, even the shells in the sea are custom-created by those who inhabit them.

The polyurethane, cotton canvas, and fioccogel upholstery rests on a tubular metal frame, supported in turn by powder-coated metal feet. Common features for all elements of the Coquille collection make it sculptural and iconic.

The versatility of all the furniture is guaranteed by the removable covers. This confirms the idea of changing clothes and emphasizes the concept of sustainable design, which is essential for a 100% Italian company.

The creative philosophy of Liu Jo Living becomes synonymous with “social tailoring.” The production chain, in fact, not only respects the roots of the typical know-how of Italian craftsmanship but takes a direct stance towards issues that are as sensitive as they are current. This is demonstrated by the choice of materials used in the technological-functional development of products that reflect the principles of reuse and recycling, generating opportunities to improve and lengthen the very durability of the total look signed Liu Jo Living

Liu Jo Living

Liu Jo Living Coquille: An invitation to peaceful moments

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