L’Ottocento: Wood is the New Black

A new and captivating expressiveness of wood emerges in all its beauty from the new kitchen space designed by L’Ottocento – an exclusive look marked by a classic and contemporary feeling with a refined soul. 

Wood has always been at the heart of L’Ottocento’s distinguished craftsmanship – a natural, resistant, and versatile material, which reveals a modern aesthetic, able to break away from traditional stereotypes and embody innovation in both terms of style and technology to become a pivotal principle of a lifestyle geared towards well-being and sustainability

Strong shapes and innovative combinations of materials, with a constant eye towards maintaining nature’s beauty, reinvent the personality of wood, emphasizing its timeless appeal. 

This newest design is a creative concept that extends throughout the home – a guiding theme with a strong material expressiveness which envelopes each room with a warm welcome.

These are the guiding principles for the design created by L’Ottocento in collaboration with Makethatstudio. On one hand, the elegant Atlas paneling system in walnut dominates the space, equipped with retractable and extractable doors to take full advantage of the pantry compartments and shelves, while seamlessly merging with an internal kitchen housing a sink complete with a sliding chopping board, useful for transforming it into a working surface. Complete with cabinets that are fully equipped and developed to use up the full height available, the Atlas paneling discretely covers all of the area dedicated to the kitchen while extending to the living room where it elegantly conceals all of the appliances and dedicated storage spaces. In addition, the living area is customized with an illuminated open bookcase as well as closed compartments and doors.

The exclusive design lies counterpoint to the impressive Archetipo island, with its essential lines and cylindrical bases, covered with the original wooden pattern designed by Ettore Sottsass for Alpi and complete with the revolutionary Lapitec top that hides the induction cooking top below it. The island extends to become a snack top, embellished with Archetipo stools in curved wood and anthracite-colored metal upholstering in black Aspern fabric by Rubelli. 

Finally, the refined Archetipo sideboard with its glossy, brick-red lacquer and curving shape, is designed to house a wine cellar that is easily accessible from the kitchen.

L’Ottocento: Wood is the New Black

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