The Magic of LUXIO: Transforming Furniture into an Immersive Experience

Immersive, eclectic and avant-guard furniture: LUXIO, the new design brand conceived, developed and produced in Milan by MacroPiX, launches an innovative and sensory furniture concept.

Furniture is an essential part of any home or office, but it often lacks personality and can feel mundane. That’s where LUXIO comes in. This innovative company is revolutionizing the furniture industry by transforming ordinary pieces into immersive experiences. With their unique approach to furniture design, LUXIO is quickly becoming a go-to for those looking to add a touch of luxury and personality to their space.

Created in 2022 and previewed during Fuorisalone 2023, LUXIO brings to the living space a design concept that is nothing short of revolutionary: classic furniture and digital images, in fact, come together in a hybrid style of form and function. The result: led displays shape furniture that is transversal and completely customizable.

LUXIO: hitech soul and exclusive style

The know-how that animates the entire collection, designed by dArk studio, is that of MacroPiX, a Milan-based company that is a leader in the LED display industry. Established in 2014 from the 20-year experience of Luca Conti, Francesco Punis and Stefano Grasso in the LED display industry, today MacroPiX boasts thousands of installations around the world, with no application limits, and was listed by Italian newspaper Sole 24 Ore as one of the 20 Italian companies and 200 in Europe with the highest growth rate in the previous three years.

Specifically, MacroPiX’s LED displays are flexible, can be used to make any geometric shape,whether concave or convex, and can also be transparent.

The emotion of LUXIO living

Seats, tables, bookcases, partitions, lamps, and accessories come alive with new aesthetics and new visions, suspended between the real and the virtual. Examples include the LX06 upholstery system that transforms the backrests into real animated screens, the LX02 bookcase, where high-definition LED screens become structural elements that support the shelves, and the LX03 coffee table, a “floor-standing” work of art with the shelf-screen that serves as a dynamic backdrop for the objects resting on the transparent display case.

LUXIO: hitech exclusivity

Metal, wood, fabrics, and acrylic crystal accompany the led panels, creating a winning synergy between classic and contemporary and leaving maximum freedom for customization among many finishes, essences, colors, and targeted video content, to be chosen according to needs.

High definition and glossy surface treatment resistant to water and scratches, finally, guarantee the best performance in any context, from commercial to residential spaces, from the contract world to hospitality. The LUXIO collection opens the door to a new design that awakens all the senses and draws tailored dreams and emotions.


The Magic of LUXIO: Transforming Furniture into an Immersive Experience

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