Evoking Evening: The Atmosphere of Alla Sera from Paolo Castelli

Paolo Castelli’s Babou armchair and Origami lamp carry an elegance that is romantic and timeless. Inspired by the work of great artists, eclectic, minimal, beautiful, and highly versatile, these pieces are part of an entire collection that invites an atmosphere of refined comfort perfect for the lingering light of the evening.

Presenting at Milan Design Week 2023

This year at Milan’s Design Week 2023 Paolo Castelli presents the new “Alla Sera” collection, a total look proposal capable of enlivening the domestic landscape with high-tech furniture and lighting systems with a handcrafted soul.

Anticipating the collection are the Babou armchair and the Origami lamp, perfect interpreters of Paolo Castelli’s philosophy devoted to attention to detail and continuous research on workmanship and materials.

Babou Paolo Castelli: An Artistic Soul

In these pieces, the logical combines with the irrational, and forms come together in a play of opposites between minimalism and figurative exuberance. Inspired by the art of the surrealist painter Salvador Dalì, the Babou armchair is characterized by the design of its structure, an elegant graphic sign that outlines the back supporting the cushioning, made of organic polyurethane.

Created as outdoor furniture but also available as indoor furniture thanks to the wide range of available finishes and colors, Babou reveals the company’s technical know-how and attention to ergonomics that distinguishes Paolo Castelli seating.

Eclectic and minimal at first glance, the Babou armchair does not sacrifice being comfortable and welcoming. Highly versatile, thanks to a simple coupling system the Babou armchair gives life to a new composition, a modular sofa that can be customized according to aesthetic and space requirements.

Origami Paolo Castelli: A Fan of Light

A subtle beauty that exudes a light that is full and never intrusive while illuminating the environment and evoking distant atmospheres, the Origami wall lamp is distinguished by the contemporary and longilinear trait of its individual components. Creative minimalism allows each part to be formed by two elements, a bottom one in satin-finished brass with a protective clear coat, and a front in a matte black painted finish. Combined, the beams form a fan of light that animates the space, giving movement to the wall.

The uniqueness of its design allows Origami to reveal its highly decorative character even when the lights are off. Each element has a different identity capable of dialoguing with the others, creating an elegant, romantic, and contemplative atmosphere that invites a moment to slow down, recover the senses, and take back time.

Paolo Castelli

Evoking Evening: The Atmosphere of Alla Sera from Paolo Castelli

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