The kitchen en plein air: Meet B.table

For the first time after 76 years in the kitchen market, Maistri presents its outdoor kitchen making its entry into the outdoor world. B.table is an elegant proposal that allows for customization of the space according to one’s needs, in an open dialogue with the environment.

The Inspiration of Maistri

Inspired by K.table, the kitchen presented in 2021 and designed from the traditional kitchen table, viewed as the center of the home, where the whole family gather daily, Maistri’s new outdoor kitchen aims to maintain the tradition, replacing the table with a working kitchen island.

The Aesthetics of B.table

Renewing the light aesthetics typical of a table and the practicality of use of a seat, without eliminating the modern concept of the island, B.table moves the hearth outside during the warm weather.

Made of powder-coated aluminum and covered with a choice of any type of natural or sintered stone, the new design is completely repurposed for outdoor kitchen needs.

The possibility of customization of B.table by Maistri lies not only in the wide variety of worktop finishes, but also in the definition of the composition, offering the choice of single modules or a single block. The design idea allows individual modules to be placed side by side, in a potentially infinite sequence.

The Building Blocks of an Outdoor Kitchen

The design can be developed in two different types of composition, “single block” or “separate blocks.”

The “single block” involves a single worktop connecting several kitchen modules. The joint of these elements is made with a band of the same stone chosen for the top and sides, so as to create the right color harmony in line with the space. This choice is not only about aesthetics; the technical core enclosed in the shoulders of the table, in fact, enables equipment to be brought to the worktop.

The “separate blocks,” on the other hand, are envisioned as a designer outdoor kitchen. The single module is made by forming a stone and aluminum cube of exactly one meter. The geometric proportion allows for excellent use of the kitchen and practical seating, thanks to a recessed living part that leaves space for legs and an “operational” part that allows for comfortable outdoor kitchen cooking.

In addition, in both compositional ideas, it is possible to choose the type of module from two solutions: a drawer and shelf accessible from the outside or a closed “basket” formula with the possibility of housing a five-kg cylinder inside. The basket makes it convenient to access the cylinder for opening and closing the tap, as well as for its replacement. Thanks to a careful study of the safety openings that allow ventilation of the kitchen, in relation to the type of appliance certified required by the country in which B.table will be installed, it will be possible to make the connection to a methane or LPG system, or to an all-electric system.  

Available as either a kitchen island or wall-mounted kitchen that can be installed on terraces and niches, Maistri’s B.table integrates into the outdoor environment without sacrificing the comfort and value typical of indoor kitchen systems.

The kitchen en plein air: Meet B.table

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