Matter in its purest state with Rossana luxury kitchens

Design, matter, content: these are the assets that sum up Rossana, the Colombini Group brand that has been a forerunner of style, design and technology in kitchens for more than 60 years, and a protagonist at this year’s EuroCucina 2022.

A brand distinguished by research, material experimentation and innovative systems that underscore Rossana’s penchant for using matter in its pure state. Each Rossana kitchen represents a unique work of contemporary design, made to stand out and integrate with the surrounding architecture. Today more than ever, the kitchen lives and reveals, interpreting it, the soul of the home, where functionality and aesthetics combine harmoniously in the creative dialogue followed by Rossana.

The projects presented at the fair HD23, ISØLA, HT50, TU23 and DEDALO, are interpreted by Simona Tagliaferri, Rossana’s Art Director, protagonists at the 23rd edition of EuroCucina in a refined exhibition space of almost 200 square meters.

Rossana kitchen solutions emerge in this international setting, giving voice to the dialogue between functional environment and minimal aesthetics. The Art Director interpreted the models with a clever combination of materials, surfaces and colors. Solitary, bold elements create additional accents, provide individual touches and propose a brand vision whose material weights communicate with each other with new narratives.

The natural strength of wood, stone, metal, is expressed through marks, grain and color, enhanced by light, the harmonic sense of beauty. Essences such as Walnut, Silk Larch, Charcoal Chestnut and stones such as Breccia Imperiale green leather, Trinity White leather and Arabescato Orobico leather are some of the materials used for the projects. Voids and solids simplified and interpreted in letting free the pulsing of aesthetic energy.

Rossana, for EuroCucina, embarks on a new journey to reinterpret three iconic kitchen models by Massimo Castagna and Carlo Colombo: HD23, ISØLA and HT50.

HD23 Rossana

HD23 expresses an original and innovative design that goes beyond the concept of the kitchen characterized by the door. The bases, very capacious thanks to the low plinth, and the different special components, each with its own specificity and material, make HD23 a functional kitchen, customizable and flexible in interpretation. A dynamic project, constantly in progress that evolves and is enriched with new elements and materials.

HD23 is embellished with special components used as “objects,” each with a strong and specific personality and characterized by a different use of materials such as metals, essences, high-strength lacquers and stones. Extreme reasoning, the search for ergonomics, functionality and the potential of materials combine with the desire to explore and interpret changing lifestyles, providing an answer to the new orientations and demands of sophisticated and demanding users.

ISØLA Rossana

ISØLA reinterprets the disruptive concept of one of the brand’s first “island” models, which revolutionized the market in the late 1960s for its contents. A model expressed in the form of a monoblock with architectural geometries that reveals an open kitchen ready to dialogue with the surrounding space capable of adapting to large houses, but also to small apartments and metropolitan open spaces.

ISØLA is kitchen, but also living thanks to a clear, central cut that defines the two environments. In fact, the project is characterized by a self-supporting wall that can create an aesthetic and operational division between the washing and preparation area and the area reserved for living.

Geometrical lines, developed horizontally and vertically, create an interplay of volumes between solids and voids and reveal ISØLA is a sculptural kitchen with an architectural cut, marked in the elevation by metal blades that define the various areas of function and storage and rhythmic in the top by the different levels made of different materials.

Designed with natural and valuable materials, such as woods and stones, expertly crafted and combined with metal elements that emphasize the masterful encounter between materials and geometries, ISØLA reveals the Rossana DNA that prefers the use of materials in their pure state, inspired by an idea of earth and nature.

ISØLA also offers an elegant boiserie system with which it is possible to furnish the entire room, including niches and walls, and create a total living look, exclusive and personalized. ISØLA is offered in five interpretations set in different locations – Ibiza, Milan, Paris, New York, and Singapore – where the project takes shape and tells the brand’s style through its beauty and material content.

Ibiza, in particular, is a double-deep island where the play of volumes, between solids and voids, creates a succession of functional zones. High and low thickness tops in the warm Horizon Steel finish leave room for the equipped partition and table top in Trinity White stone with extra clear laminated glass support. Vertical steel elements alternate with heat-treated Oak doors in both base and wall columns.

HT50 Rossana

The HT50 kitchen system offers different configurations of use, from the most rigorous to aggregations with block islands connected by large snack tops, to the theme of the portal kitchen, in which the workspace is conceived as a niche, sandwiched between base and wall units.

The minimal and refined aesthetics of the invisible-thickness top – the result of the 40-degree combination with the 50-degree door – characterize the kitchen, giving it a strongly contemporary character. The essential volume of HT50, completely without handles, lends itself to be thought of in situations where the material is the absolute protagonist.

A project of refined and innovative design, where the latest servo-assisted technologies for the management of openings, such as electrified “push-pull”, find their place.

The very high degree of customization and adaptation to different needs, emphasized by the poetics of applicable materials and the tailoring approach, complete the elements of a kitchen project that fully espouses the brand’s philosophy and vocation.

For the HT50 model, the line presents three interpretations set in Los Angeles, London and Venice.

Matter in its purest state with Rossana luxury kitchens

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