A Sculpture Cast in Bronze

Minotticucine continues its journey through the age of metals, fixing time in archaic forms and making its production eternal: after the special version of the “Terra” model made entirely of cast bronze, now the brand launches an exclusive table made of the same material.

It was 2018, in fact, when Minotticucine presented the elegant kitchen at Fuorisalone, marking a fundamental step for the brand that introduced for the first time materials other than stone, the element that has always characterized the brand’s production.

After what the company calls, paraphrasing, its “stone age,” it then makes its entry into the “age of metals,” where it continues a path of maturation and development of its exclusive and always sought-after designs.

This artistic epiphany has since seen the entry into the brand’s proposals of several projects, in addition to “Terra” in cast bronze, such as the brass kitchen countertop in Hanami and a renewed Maya model with a 24k gold finish.

The Philosophy of Minotticucine

However, the introduction of metal within the production does not distance the brand from its philosophy of “visual silence” that has characterized production since the early 2000s.

“Silence for the eyes, stillness for the spirit” is in fact the reflection from which the brand’s design philosophy stems. Silence is not only the prerogative of hearing, associated with sight brings the elimination of any superfluous element that creates a distraction to the eye and is subject to ephemeral and passing fashions. In doing so, the product becomes timeless, eternal as if suspended in time.

Minotticucine thus creates monolithic, monochromatic, single-material volumes that, in their quiet abstractness and sculptural presence, do not give up being objects of daily use while concealing all functional elements from view. The company’s ambition is to succeed in making poetry without giving up those principles of rationality and functionality that are the foundations of design.

The same philosophy persists for the new bronze table, the protagonist at Fuorisalone 2022 at the brand’s Showroom: solid, unique, and with a timeless line, the complement, entirely cast in bronze, is characterized by its exclusive design and construction technique. The same technique used to make a sculpture here is applied to produce a table with singular characteristics that make it a sculpture in its own right.

The ancient technique, mixed with the modern know-how of Minotticucine and its collaborators, makes the impossible possible. The result is unique objects with an ancient, modern, and futuristic flair, not subject to the passage of time and fashion.


A Sculpture Cast in Bronze

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