Mita Luciani Ranier

Mita comes from an aristocratic family, growing up in an environment where etiquette and the rules of savoir vivre are not just a set of behavioral precepts, but a true way of life. Her work in public relations pushed her to want to share her innate skills acquired in this field - first through television appearances, then traveling around Italy and abroad. Eventually, she founded Ieparome, the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of Rome - where the objective is to train young people, professionals, and non-professionals, who wish to establish themselves in their careers and personal lives. Knowing how to speak in public, managing conflictual situations in the office, choosing one's wardrobe, presenting oneself correctly at a work engagement, or preparing a table, are daily occurrences. Increasing one's skills means being able to handle these situations in the most effective, relaxed, and natural way possible. An additional resource for anyone.