Morelato and the Essence of Wood

Morelato is a company with a long history of cabinet-making and master craftsmanship, that over the years has created timeless collections appreciated all over the world. Now, from this premise, Morelato has put out a new catalog design that recounts the essence and heart of the company – a company specialized in the processing of fine wood that knows how to combine tradition, design, and technology into the highest quality products, all made 100% in Italy. 

“We wanted to present the news we have been working on for months but at the same time tell our story. So in this volume, we propose some of our iconic furnishings in a contemporary key, combining them with the new products”, this is how Alessandro Morelato tells the story of where this catalog comes from.

The art direction and design was created by Libero Rutilo who explains: “Playing with the old and the new, the lived and the avant-garde, history and modern times has been a real journey to discover the products which have made the history of Morelato, and it has been an exciting work of valorization and creativity”.

The new Morelato catalog is composed of highly suggestive settings which retrace the study of the past, revisiting it through contemporary stylistic research.

Among the novelties which will be unveiled to the public in September 2021 for Design Week are the tables Layer and Cino, the table Colonial, the desk Isabel, and a complete restyling of the bookcase Novecento.

The Layer coffee table consists of three top pieces placed at different heights and mixed together with varied finishes, which can be customized to individual tastes. Ashwood, with its veins and its naturalness, is the protagonist of this model suitable for contemporary living areas.

The series of Cino coffee tables have a turned marble base that comes in different essences such as Bianco di Carrara, Verde Guatemala, Rosso Levanto, or Giallo Reale, while the top is made of solid ash wood, which can be colored in various shades.

The Colonial table has an oval top made of ash or oak wood. The peculiarity of this model is the base with two elongated cylindrical-shaped elements covered in Vienna Straw: a now-trendy material that Morelato has been using in its collections for a long time.

Finally, Isabel desk is the Morelato style solution for the home office world but not only. It is a model which is also suitable for a prestigious working environment. The rounded structure is made of ash wood as well as the top which has two glass inserts on the sides, while the writing surface and the suspended drawers are covered in leather, with visible stitching.

Morelato and the Essence of Wood

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