Moroni Gomma’s Scaramantic Tableware

Moroni Gomma’s ceramic giftware collection is seduced by the growing popularity of the Smorfia Napoletana and launches six saucers and six placemats that bring the numbers and Neapolitan scaramantic imagery directly to the everyday table.

Moroni Gomma’s Wink at Tradition

An ode to the jovial nature of Neapolitan tradition carefully created by a love for ceramic craftsmanship. With an elegant golden profile and an ever-changing two-tone garland graphic from which the number of the Smorfie and the associated figure stand out, the new saucers and placemats, which can also be used as underplates, mix the truest Neapolitan tradition with the contemporary language of design, transforming transform any meal into an experience that calls the mind, body, memory and emotion into play.

La Smorfia Napoletano: Smile & Luck The collection from Moroni Gomma enriches the home and table with novel and creative objects that summon a smile and evoke good luck. The sets are a perfect housewarming gift that can be useful, while simultaneously offering a symbol that is playful and signifies good fortune.

The accessories are made of ceramic and recall some of the most famous Smorfia numbers: 1 L’Italia, 16 ‘O Culo, 19 ‘A Resata, 52 ‘A Mamma, 72 ‘A Maraviglia, 80 ‘ A Vocca.

Moroni Gomma

Moroni Gomma’s Scaramantic Tableware

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