An Outdoor Design Retreat: NIU swing chair by Musola

An iconic design swing chair designed by Santiago Sevillano that invites you to disconnect and relax: NIU by Musola.

Inspired by birds’ nests, NIU takes the form of a personal refuge where one can enjoy the outdoors and the soft, slow movement of a swing.

The Valencia-based designer, a regular collaborator with Musola, describes his creation this way, “NIU, which means nest in Valencian, refers to the concave shape that birds build. They intertwine branches and grasses to create a safe haven. Taking this element from nature, we wanted to design a unique and representative piece that fits Musola’s fresh spirit and Mediterranean philosophy.”

NIU’s frame is made of stainless steel tubing, the movement of which evokes the lightness and organicity of branches woven by birds. The seat and backrest, with concave shapes, offer unparalleled comfort and a light, Mediterranean aesthetic. The upholstery, made from Sunbrella and Agora fabrics, is removable and protected by a waterproof layer.

NIU can be hung from any fixed support or one specially designed by Musola: its parabola-shaped structure frames and highlights the swing, creating a unique and personal space.

Available in a wide range of colors, NIU adapts to any style and space, becoming the star of terraces, gardens or porches.


An Outdoor Design Retreat: NIU swing chair by Musola

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