Noora from Jwana Hamdan – The New Outdoor Lantern

Jwana Hamdan presents Noora, the brand’s first series of lighting products designed by Lorenza Bozzoli, which expands “The Wandering Majlis”– a collection of elements inspired by the founder’s Italian-Lebanese cultural heritage, which weaves a novel idea of the outdoors as place for the authentic discovery of cultivating relationships with people and spaces.

Noora the light with jungle allure

Noora, which literally signifies “light” in Arabic, is characterized by an original design and the presence of the nature-inspired pattern that recalls the Jwana Hamdan textile project.

Lorenza Bozzoli’s Noora Lantern for Jwana Hamdan

The series includes a portable lantern in two sizes and a floor lamp: both variants feature a laser-cut stainless steel cone diffuser with a taupe shimmer finish, which diffuses light with striking plays of refraction and shadows.

The floor lamp has a minimalist steel frame with matte black finish, while the lantern – powered by a rechargeable LED source with a long-lasting battery – features a distinctive ring-shaped iroko wood handle matched to the diffuser, which allows the lantern to be installed on the wall, ceiling, or a special floor suspension kit in steel with matte black finish. More than light, rather a sense of living where light creates a harmony between man and nature instilling beauty and peace.  

Jwana Hamdan

Noora from Jwana Hamdan – The New Outdoor Lantern

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