Isola: Kitchen Islands Dedicated to Refined Living by Officine Gullo

The cooking islands of Officine Gullo’s Isola collection are authentic design elements capable of completely redefining the surrounding environment, becoming true ‘unique pieces’ around which the entire kitchen revolves.

Featuring the iconic aesthetics and high performance typical of Officine Gullo, each ‘Isola’ is designed with the aim of becoming the central hub around which family and friends can gather in their daily activities. A place designed for cooking, eating, relaxing and sharing moments, from the first cup of coffee in the morning to the last glass of wine in the evening.

The Details of Exquisite Design from Officine Gullo

Isola can be harmoniously and coordinately integrated into a complete kitchen restyling project, easily fitting into a variety of designs, ranging from traditional joinery kitchens to the most modern steel with an urban edge. They can also add a distinctive stylistic touch to a pre-existing kitchen in need of partial renovation. Regardless of the style of the kitchen, ‘Isola’ presents itself as an authentic “jewel” characterized by a strong scenic impact and high-level performance, capable of immediately lending personality and exclusivity to the surrounding space.

Precise and powerful design elements, Officine Gullo kitchen islands combine the harmony of forms with the most modern technologies in the kitchen field.  Comparable to luxurious supercars, the islands feature a refined and elegant design and are equipped with a powerful motor that guarantees extraordinary professional performance. Customization is at the heart of their composition, allowing customers to select from a wide range of top-quality accessories suited to their favorite cooking habits.

Powerful Cooking Accessories

Alongside the burners or induction hob, customers can place a range of powerful cooking accessories on the surface of their ‘Island,’ such as pasta cookers, steamers, lava stone barbecues, mirror-finished fry-tops, and much more.

A section of the top can be left free of cooking elements, dedicating it to the preparation and consumption of dishes. Depending on the size, Isola can be complemented by a washing area with a small sink to complement the cooking accessories. The space underneath provides a significant volume of pantry space, as well as housing appliances such as an oven and dishwasher, ensuring efficient use of space.

Isola is presented as a highly functional object, aimed at encouraging freedom of movement and giving fluidity to the surrounding space. Its distinctive feature of being an independent element from the rest of the furniture gives it easy access from all sides. This peculiarity, in addition to making movement more practical, results in a multiplicity of possible uses, allowing a wide variety of activities that meet the individual needs of users.

The Isola collection consists of five models of different widths (ISOLA 168, ISOLA 188, ISOLA 208, ISOLA 228, ISOLA 248 cm).

In the compositions offered by the brand ISOLA 248 is declined in an elegant matte black color called ‘Obsidian Matte’ with polished chrome finishes. The top of the island is made of brushed steel, which gives it a sophisticated and modern look. The island is accessorized on one side with four burners, a coup de feu and a pasta cooker, while on the opposite side it features a sink, a smooth fry top and a direct-fired electric grill.

The island is set within a white joinery kitchen, enhanced by a prestigious Calacatta Black Vein marble panel. The combination of high-quality materials, polished chrome details, and the contrast between matte black and white joinery creates a visually striking aesthetic, making ISLAND 248 not only a functional kitchen centerpiece, but also a remarkably elegant design element.

Officine Gullo

English text: Liana Francesca Bicchieri

Isola: Kitchen Islands Dedicated to Refined Living by Officine Gullo

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