Perfect Wine Storage from Smeg

The world of fine wines and the secrets of their preservation are unfurling in the home: Smeg wine cellars, like chests with aesthetics as refined as their contents, furnish the kitchens of fine wine lovers.

Smeg wine coolers make use of the most advanced technologies for the proper preservation and aging of wines. The materials with which they are made are the result of careful research, in collaboration with expert sommeliers who have contributed to the creation of a range of products that are excellent in terms of technical and qualitative characteristics.

Smeg’s Array of Wine Cellar Options

Available in 82-cm and 45-cm versions, Smeg also presents the brand-new 60-cm format, which coordinates perfectly with other Smeg appliances with Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classica aesthetics, thus matching products with a wide range of functions such as 60-cm ovens.

Smeg’s new 60-cm wine cellars have a load capacity of up to 29 bottles, and the cellar interprets the balance between functionality and aesthetics, with ergonomic pull-out Slavonian oak supports that lend themselves to following the shape of bottles regardless of their diameter, from bordolesi to champagnotte.

In addition to maintaining a humidity level between 60% and 80%, considered optimal for long-term wine storage, they are able to ensure a constant internal temperature thanks to a high-precision electronic control system.

Smeg 60-cm wine cellars feature two independently adjustable temperature zones via an internally positioned LCD display that also gives the wine cooler a clean, minimalist look. The presence of two separate compartments allows the management of the two different zones for the storage of bottles that require different thermal conditions: in fact, it is possible to simultaneously set the necessary degrees for the tasting of red wines, white wines and champagne

Smeg wine coolers are also equipped with a cooling system that minimizes vibrations, while the shelves, with controlled sliding by means of telescopic guides, allow bottles to be easily and safely extracted, avoiding friction or abrupt movements.

Finally, the choice of cool LED lighting, which is double in the 60-cm cellars, allows perfect visibility of the shelves.

Perfect Wine Storage from Smeg

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