Pork Jelly Salad, Oysters and Green Apple

A contemporary recipe with captivating flavours, centred on pork jelly, a typical Calabrian preparation based on the recovery of the meat’s less noble cuts: this is the recipe for Pork Jelly Salad, Oysters and Green Apple by Michelin-starred chef Luca Abbruzzino of the restaurant of the same name in Catanzaro.

Chef Abbruzzino has always embraced a philosophy of sustainability, linked to the recovery of every single part of raw materials, especially when it comes to pork.

“Pork jelly is a typical preparation when the animal is slaughtered and cooked,” explains the chef. “Practically the entire bottom of the pot is recovered, where the poor parts of the pig (skin, nose, ears, tail, legs and various bones) are boiled for a long time. Traditionally, it was a food that was eaten on bread, and stored in glass jars. We have created this cold starter by combining the pork jelly, i.e. a fatty part, with the iodine part of the oyster, and the acidic and herbaceous part of the green apple.”

Recipe for Pork Jelly Salad with Oysters and Green Apple


Fried pumpkin seeds: to taste
Cucumber, apple and green tomato Brunoise: to taste
Chopped oysters: 3
Pork jelly cut into cubes: 200 g
Chives: to taste
Aromatic herbs: to taste
Extra virgin olive oil: to taste
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste

For the oyster mayonnaise

Oysters: 5
Tarragon: 20 g
Apple vinegar: 3 g
Seed oil: to taste
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste

For the green apple jelly

Green apple water: 100 g
Agar agar: 10 g


For the oyster mayonnaise

Proceed in the same way as a normal mayonnaise, replacing the eggs with oyster pulp.

For the green apple jelly

Roll out the jelly on acetate paper into discs about 10 cm in diameter.

Put the vegetable brounoise, chopped oyster pulp, diced pork jelly and fried pumpkin seeds in a bowl. Season with the aromatic herbs, chopped spring onion, oyster mayonnaise, oil, salt and pepper. Serve on a plate with a pastry cup and cover with a layer of green apple jelly.

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Pork Jelly Salad, Oysters and Green Apple

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