Scallop and Tarragon Tortelli with Artichokes and Dried Roe

A dish that celebrates the love of pasta and Italian culinary art in an extraordinary combination of flavors and traditions: Scallop and Tarragon Tortelli with Artichokes and Dried Roe, a signature recipe from Chef Giuseppe Mulargia of Le Spighe Restaurant at Grand Hotel Palatino.

Chef Mulargia’s exclusive recipe combines fresh, high-quality ingredients to create a symphony of extraordinary flavors. The fresh pasta is made with remilled durum wheat semolina, 00 Grano Tenero flour, and egg yolks, all expertly crafted to achieve a perfect texture. The tortelli’s delicious filling consists of fresh scallops with their red roe, red potatoes, black pepper, and fresh tarragon, creating a unique balance between the delicate flavor of the scallopsand the herbaceous aroma of tarragon. The ingredients are skillfully combined to form the heart of the tortelli.

The dish is then completed with a luscious artichoke cream, prepared with fresh artichokes cooked and whipped to achieve a velvety texture and enveloping flavor. The final touch is provided by dried roe, which is reduced to a fine powder and used to decorate the dish, adding an intense note of flavor.

Ingredients for four people

Scallop and tarragon tortelli – from Chef Giuseppe Mulargia

For the fresh pasta

Remilled durum wheat semolina: 100 g
Wheat 00 flour: 200 g
Yolk: 210 g
Salt: to taste

For the filling

Fresh scallops with the roe: 100 g
Red potatoes: 100 g
Salt: to taste
Black pepper: to taste
Fresh tarragon: to taste

For the artichoke cream

Fresh artichokes: 200 g
Poached garlic: 1 clove
Salt: to taste
Black pepper: to taste


For the dough

Prepare the planetary mixer, using the hook as the tip. Once ready, add the flours and, a little at a time, the egg yolk. Slice the dough and roll it out until it is almost “transparent,” so that you get a sheet of dough (help yourself, if possible, with a machine). Place the worked pastry sheet on a counter previously dusted with semolina flour and cut out two-inch disks.

After boiling the potatoes in plenty of salted water, peel and coarsely mash them. Clean the scallops by removing the coral roe, which should be kept in the refrigerator until processing, dice them and combine them with the potatoes, adjusting the mixture with salt, pepper and tarragon. Put the mixture in a pastry bag and place a clump of it in the center of the puff pastry disk, fold it in half, making a shape similar to a half moon and trying to leave as little air as possible inside. Once done, join the two ends together and you will get the tortelli.

For the artichoke cream

Clean the artichokes by removing the first outer leaves, cut them in half and remove the fluff, after which sauté them in a pan with oil and garlic until fully cooked and blend them in a blender until smooth.

For the roe

Take the scallop roe that has been stored in the refrigerator, dry it and bake it at 120° until completely dehydrated. Allow it to cool and afterwards chop it with a knife until a fine powder is obtained.

After finishing preparing the ingredients, cook the tortelli in salted water and drain after 3-4 minutes. Once cooked, plate them, arranging the artichoke cream on the base, the tortelli and decorate with the roe and tarragon leaves.

The result is a dish that delights not only the palate but also the eyes with its bright colors and artistic presentation.

Grand Hotel Palatino

Scallop and Tarragon Tortelli with Artichokes and Dried Roe

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