Reva Cocoon: The Open Air Sofa by Pedrali

Characterized by soft lines and generous dimensions, the Reva Cocoon sofa, designed by Patrick Jouin for Pedrali, stems from the desire to create flexible outdoor furniture that guarantees extreme freedom of use.

Discover the Reva Cocoon Sofa

A lounge seating system for the outdoors that evokes dreamy and relaxing atmospheres: sofas composed of linear, corner and chaise longue elements, with backrests in two different heights that adapts and is composed in different ways to guarantee extreme comfort and customization, proposing a new concept of elegance thanks to pure lines and a refined look.

Reva Cocoon is defined by prominent stainless steel backrests covered with a weave made from polypropylene rope, which is both weather-resistant and capable of natural rendering.

To accentuate comfort and allow for greater seating depth, Reva Cocoon’s high backrests are defined by a double curvature and punctually embrace the extruded aluminum perimeter frame at the end of which are four tapered die-cast aluminum legs.

The concept of envelopment is then enhanced by the soft cushions that rest against the frame, wrapped in a completely waterproof cover, and by cushions available in different shapes: rectangular, square and round.

With its generous volumes and high backs, Reva Cocoon creates a space within a space, offering protection and shelter from the outdoors for those who have chosen to carve out a moment of relaxation and escape.

Pedrali’s Concept

The cording, made 100 percent in Italy by expert craftsmen, provides the necessary privacy while keeping this furniture airy and allowing air and light to pass through, thanks to a denser weave at the bottom and sparser at the top.

“We made a sofa that protects, that offers the possibility to see through but at the same time to feel protected, unique, having the feeling that time stops and slows down and that everything around us is perfect,” explains designer Patrick Jouin.

Thanks to the freedom of composition it offers, the new addition to the Reva family is designed to furnish gardens, terraces and lobbies of contract spaces with style and elegance, characterizing the environments in which it is placed.

Reva Cocoon: The Open Air Sofa by Pedrali

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