Revisiting Alessi’s Celebrated Design Icons

Alessi reveals its new collection created by some of the designers who have written the brand’s history – accessories and décor complements marked by strong design transversality, the result of revisitations of some of its authentic design icons.

Virgil Abloh’s creative flair can be found in Virgil Abloh Securities’ reinterpretation of Michael Graves’ famous 9093 kettle, which in turn is presented with a new palette, in the 1-liter size.

Green colors Michele De Lucchi’s Plissé thermo-insulating carafe and juicer, while with the Furniture Re-style operation, some of the brand’s best-loved objects are tinted black: the Campana brothers’ Blow-up magazine rack and coffee table, Jakob Wagner’s Pick-up multipurpose tables and Jasper Morrison’s Op-là, Aldo Rossi’s table lamp, and Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas’ Colombina collection mirror.

Alessi Kettle 3909

In 1985 Alessi collaborated with American architect Michael Graves to create the 9093 kettle. Thirty-seven years later, here is the reinterpretation of the Virgil Abloh Securities, a project begun before Virgil Abloh’s passing and developed by his studio ALASKA ALASKA. The 3909 kettle is a reimagining somewhere between a Dadaist collage and a musical remix: a design that’s unmistakably based on the original, while also being completely new. The colors of the handle and knob have shifted from light blue and burgundy to a vibrant purple, and in lieu of a bird, there is a basketball player caught in the act of jumping to dunk the ball.

Alessi Kettle 3909

The 9093 kettle designed by Michael Graves is also offered in a smaller size and in two new color versions, directly drawn from its creator’s historical palette: with a light blue handle and orange whistle or with a yellow handle and pink whistle. Conceived in the early 1980s, it has spanned four decades presenting itself in ever-new versions: an object that has never ceased to amaze, tapping into the public’s tastes as only an icon can.

Alessi Plissé Appliances

The elegant shade of green first presented last year is chosen to envelop the Plissé carafe and juicer, lending a unique character to its iconic pleated robe.

Furniture Re-style

Black, perhaps more than other colors, is able to sculpt objects in their purest, most synthetic form. Alessi re-styles some iconic furniture and accessories in full-black, making them perfect for embellishing any room in the home with flair.

Alessi_Blow-up Magazine Holder

The Blow-up magazine holder seems to be generated by a set of steel sticks, assembled in a seemingly random fashion, a recurring theme in many of the Campana brothers’ designs. It reveals an interplay of solids and voids, a design with a strong three-dimensional component that lightens the metal into a form that explodes in space.

Alessi Blow-up Coffee Table

Light becomes a fundamental design element in the Blow-up series, particularly in its interaction with the design of the coffee table, at times filtering through the rods suspended in mid-air, at others gently crossing the glass top above them.

Alessi Pick-up Coffee Table

Pick-up, designed by Jakob Wagner, encompasses three different functions: coffee table, magazine rack, and bottle rack. A mix of pragmatism and elegance, for an object with minimal lines and high functional value to be placed anywhere, inside or outside the house, the perfect place to rest a glass of good wine while chatting with company.

Alessi Op-là Tray/Table

Jasper Morrison’s poetics dwell on the essence of the product, and with this design he experiments with new forms of use, creating an elegant functional synthesis between tray and coffee table. Op is a wide tray on which to arrange food and drinks, which, inserted on a steel base, transforms into Op-là, a comfortable coffee table.

Alessi Table Lamp

A scaled-down reduction of the lamppost conceived for street lighting in Milan’s Via Croce Rossa, the aluminum table lamp, designed by Aldo Rossi in 1991, returns to the Alessi catalog in an updated version. A table micro-architecture where postmodernist design echoing classical references is joined with the contemporaneity of a new technological compartment.

Alessi Colombina Mirror

The Colombina mirror, named after the successful collection designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, comes in a new version, with reduced dimensions and a colored steel frame that replaces the glass one, of the first edition presented in 2009. These small but substantial design variations enhance the soft lightness of the design imagined by the authors.


Revisiting Alessi’s Celebrated Design Icons

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