Revolutionary Elements in the Kitchen from Falmec

Falmec’s new Elements collection goes beyond the boundaries of traditional kitchen hoods by innovatively interpreting the extraction element, which now becomes part of a modular, multifunctional architecture that is fully integrated into the kitchen.

Falmec’s Integrated Kitchen Concept

The “Elements” concept is interpreted in different solutions designed to adapt to the many needs and types of installations in the kitchen. Thus the exclusive Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall modular systems come to life: three brand-new concepts that “hide” technology within elements that are unique in design and perfectly integrated into the furnishing project.

The Monolith Hood

Monolith is a precious design element, resting in the worktop, designed to meet various needs in the kitchen, in a refined way.

The system consists of a 90-cm suction element and accessory storage modules – placeable on the right or left side – of 30, 60 or 90 cm, which allow for a functional and customized set-up. The result is a well-equipped space that can accommodate ladles, spices, knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils, as well as electrical outlets for a kitchen to be experienced in total practicality.

Monolith’s extraction module opens slightly to access control of the intake and lighting functions, and to allow smoke aspiration. Monolith by Falmec is composed of a matte black aluminum frame that houses a polished glass front in the vertical part; in addition, the system is equipped with ambient light, which gives a pleasant hanging effect and diffuses a pleasant line of light.

The Shelf Hood

Shelf presents itself, on the other hand, as a real extraction shelf. Thanks to the unique Multi-Air technology, the suction body is extremely thin and incorporated into a shelf structure of only 10 cm, equipped with a removable veil, to increase the suction capacity.

The hood element can be enriched with 60-and 90-cm add-on modules that can be positioned to the right or left of the hood to configure different furniture compositions, creating a hanging system that opens up new open design spaces.

The structure is made of black painted steel and a black satin-finished aluminum profile that wraps a structure both frontally and laterally, defining a clean volume.

Integrated into the lower part of the structure is a LED strip with dynamic light that illuminates the work surface along the entire length of the shelf.

Finally, the Shelf hood by Falmec also includes additional accessories such as spice racks and other utensils that equip the wall for a highly functional kitchen.

The Air Wall Hood

Finally, Air Wall vertically integrates the intake into an exclusive backlit white tempered glass panel, transforming the back of the kitchen into a functional surface that draws in fumes and at the same time illuminates the space with pleasant ambient light.

In addition, the panel’s magnetic system allows for the addition of functional accessories, which are also magnetic – such as tablet holders, spice racks and small shelves – enabling the user to place them anywhere on the surface.

Suction is made possible through a flap opening, which can be opened manually, allowing the extraction of fumes and access to the control of the hood functions. The motor, located in the base of the kitchen, is designed to have limited impact on the environment and high efficiency.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Magneto Lab, a Umbrian company specializing in innovative kitchen backsplashes, and Falmec, a world leader in kitchen hoods. A fine example of collaboration and contamination between seemingly different worlds that produce new integrated intelligent solutions.

Air Wall is available in three versions: 120 cm with central aspiration, 150 cm with left or right off-center aspiration to meet various needs in the kitchen.

Revolutionary Elements in the Kitchen from Falmec

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